Doug Polk and Ameer Rosic on MaidSafe

Starts at 44:16

Starts at 29:23 (very short mention)

Just thought I’d share these. They’re both quite influencial on youtube. These opinions are nothing new I guess…but their statements are maybe a good representation of what people in general (in crypto) think of Maidsafe…


Ameer has always been positive towards the project and understands both the difficulty and potential value it has.

Doug on the other hand is Doug, he’ll likely make a tonne off Cardano and move it over to SAFE closer to launch (plenty of SAFE followers are also taking a similar route).

The only thing that will reach these type of folks is as @Audity mentioned in an earlier post, ‘Cue Beta…oh sh1t!’


I sure hope and think so. It just goes to show how persistent this public opinion about MaidSafe really is.

It just saddens me to see how easily some people dismiss MaidSafe. (In this case Doug, not Ameer)

It won’t be easy to shake this stigma off. (people saying MaidSafe should finally deliver or probably won’t deliver at all). No flashy safecoin-video or big exchange-listing will do that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have them, and we should have them. But in order for this public opinion to change now (if that is indeed want we want at this particular point in time), you will need to have a real authority (not a crypto-youtuber) publicly supporting the Network. I guess ‘partnerships’ is the word I’m looking for.

I hate myself for saying this, because I hate how other projects show off their partnerships to pump the price. But in our case, it won’t be to pump the price, it would be to lose that stigma and built trust.

I read something from a few years ago on bitcointalk: MaidSafe announcing that a few hundred independent developers were lined up to start developing for the network. That’s the kind of news we need (again). It would sure make guys like Polk think twice before parroting others.

Although, It’ll probably all be water under the bridge anyway when ‘Cue Beta…oh sh1t!’

So yeah…I’ll stop ranting…carry on. :grin:


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Another video to share :

(starts at 7:13)

Bradley Rotter, Crypto Investor and Vice Chairman at Rivetz talks a bit about MaidSafe being his first investment. (Video is from Polycon a few days ago)

I wonder if he still hodls…


The general theme seems to be that it is taking longer than expected, which is making some people think it will never arrive. Perfectly natural, I think, especially given the breakneck pace in the crypto space. It doesn’t make them right though! :wink: