Double free or corruption (!prev)

I just got this error when running an 11 node version of this script

see for context

Node 7
Starting logging to directory: "//home/willie/.safe/node/baby-fleming-nodes/sn-node-7"
Node PID: 336224, prefix: Prefix(), name: d67d07(11010110).., age: 86, connection info:
double free or corruption (!prev)

Node 8
Starting logging to directory: "//home/willie/.safe/node/baby-fleming-nodes/sn-node-8"
./ line 44: 336188 Aborted                 (core dumped) /$HOME/.safe/node/sn_node --skip-auto-port-forwarding --local-addr$SAFE_PORT --root-dir /$HOME/.safe/node/baby-fleming-nodes/sn-node-$node --log-dir /$HOME/.safe/node/baby-fleming-nodes/sn-node-$node

Node 9
Starting logging to directory: "//home/willie/.safe/node/baby-fleming-nodes/sn-node-9"

I thought this sort of thing wasnt supposed to happen with rust…

Im going to run some RAM diags cos this is just one instance of the same sn_node I have run hundreds of in the last few hours. If this was a low-level bug in sn_node or its bits, it would have shown by now surely?

sn_cli 0.59.3
sn_node 0.64.3

commit 6f03b93bd2d02f0ffe54b69fbf25070fbe64eab0 (HEAD → main, origin/main, origin/HEAD)
Date: Fri Jul 22 18:23:32 2022 +0100

rustc 1.62.0 (a8314ef7d 2022-06-27)


Can you reproduce this? Either with the script or (preferably) without? Or did this just happen once?

You use /$HOME/... by the way, but it should be $HOME/..., without the slash prepended. Shouldn’t be causing this issue though.


THis just happened once, I have not been able to reproduce it at all.
I took the box down and ran memory diags overnight but all came up clear.
Likewise fsck showed nothing. I’m blaming cosmic rays for now :rofl:

$HOME or /$HOME was down to sloppy use of “Change all occurrences” in VScode as I changed this from being a quick n dirty wee script into something that was shareable with others - it works fine but is not best practice. Cant see how it could be related though

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I guess /$HOME works if you are root I reckon?


Should work for anyone, not just root.

it will translate to //home/username/


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