Double Blind Vaccination Studies

No double blind study has been done. End stop. Period.

They use toxic chemicals in the placebo. Normal folk that read that they doing a placebo study think they use saline.

The CDC has the data to do a randomized blind study of vaccinated and unvaccinated due to religious exemption. The refuse to pull the data and do the study.

The CDC says it’s unethical to do a true placebo. But are okay with toxic chemicals in their placebo group to mask vaccines side effects.

There is a doctor who had 10,000 patient records and thousands of unvaccinated that did the study. I think he had 3500 or so unvaccinated patients. This doctor would vaccinate if people wanted it. So he can’t be labeled with a straw man of anti vaccine.
Here is the peer review study.
This doctor has had his license suspended for publishing the study. What I don’t get is the Military officials and revolving door Pharma executives at the CDC haven’t done the study with the data they have. It would harm no one and provide clarity on safety of vaccines.
The refuse to do it.

The gold standered is a saline placebo. Show me one study where they have done this. There is a TED talk with a pro vaccine researcher showing that in Africa where half the population got a vaccine and the other half didn’t. They showed that those children vaccinated with DPT were protected but had a rate of death twice that of the unvaccinated group. They have not stopped given this to the third world. How can they do this to people without telling the parents that their child will have a death rate twice that of the normal population?

Mercury is removed from the Western vaccines but still used in the third world. Why would they not do it for the third world?


My flu jab ( when I used to get it) had Mercury.
I told the nurse that’s one reason I wouldn’t take it again.
She told me it was " the safe mercury", I wasn’t having any if it.


Here is one:

And I expect the rest of the results of the Google Scholar search ( 38 600 results in 0,06 sec) vaccine efficacy double blind saline to contain a few more.

And now that I have provided you the one you asked, would you please check from the results I dug up, if there are some more?

Wikipedia: (bolding by me)

Outside North America and Europe, many vaccines contain thiomersal; the World Health Organization has concluded that there is no evidence of toxicity from thiomersal in vaccines and no reason on safety grounds to change to more expensive single-dose administration.[18] The United Nations Environment Program backed away from an earlier proposal of adding thiomersal in vaccines to the list of banned compounds in a treaty aimed at reducing exposure to mercury worldwide.[19] Citing that eliminating the preservative in multi-dose vaccines, primarily used in developing countries, would lead to high cost and a requirement for refrigeration which the developing countries can ill afford, the UN’s final decision at the Minamata Convention on Mercury in 2013 was to exclude thiomersal from the treaty.[20]

As usual . . .

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Now who’s being hyperbolic. Sometimes what appears as hyperbolic, is really just the other persons lack of depth of knowledge on the subject.

“persons” should have an apostrophe. And the first sentence a question mark. You’re welcome.

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Yeah. Or maybe “sarcastic”.

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This is for HHS’s Childhood schedule, 1 day to 6 months of life.
NO Placebo
NO placebo
NO Placebo
NO Placebo
NO Placebo
NO Placebo, NO control group
NO Placebo, NO control group
NO Placebo. a placebo was used in trials for adults over 65 years old, no placebo was used in trials to license this vaccine for children.
licensed with out placebo controlled trial
NO Placebo, NO control group
There are 30 or so more I’m not going to list them all. If you want I will. Do you see a problem here? How do you trust companies that are fined billions for lying, cheating, and killing? Why do they need liability protection if their product is safe?

“Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health.”

It is reported that somewhere around 400 people a year die from vaccines in the US every year. If only 1% of adverse effects are reported, as in the US its s voluntary, how many die from vaccines every year?

Also “Safety Studies” don’t go beyond weeks tracking safety.

I do want to say that of the 72 injections children will receive the only approved vaccine that had a placebo control was Gardasil. Now that it has been out a good while cervical cancer is on the rise. But vaccine was supposed to lower cancer rates.

A lot of SALINE in those control groups.

See this document for a breakdown on how they go about their “science” with links to the studies.


Such nonsense deserves action from @moderators. This forum really should not be a platform for dangerous lies. I don’t like saying that @TylerAbeoJordan, but I think allowing such comments to stand is dangerous in the middle of a pandemic. If anyone takes this as true and acts on this, it is likely to result in people losing their lives.


It’s not a dangerous lie it was just a poorly worded reply. As we can see from @Knosis above reply most vaccines on childhood schedule were not tested against a true saline placebo. This is true and there’s proof of this


Even the gardisal trials were not done just with a true placebo. A small subset were and then they lumped the results together with another ‘placebo’ group who received an adjuvent. The lumping together brought the adverse events down in line with the gardisal group (approx 2%) suffering auto immune issues


There is also no longterm tracking of adverse effects. They look at a few months at most.


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This is an efficacy study on a tiny group of HIV infected patients. It’s not a pre licensure clinical trial. As we can see from @Knosis message a saline placebo is rarely if ever used in pre licensure safety / efficacy trials for vaccinations on the childhood schedule. As we know this is by far the bulk of vaccinations that individuals receive almost as soon as they are born. In the US they give ALL newborns a hepatitis B vaccine, when HEP B is not even a risk factor for the majority of newborns.


As we can see from the clinical trial data of most childhood vaccinations they used another vaccine as the control group. Then the claim is made that the trial vaccine is safe as the amount of adverse reactions are similar. However in truth it is only as safe as the control group vaccine (which also didn’t have a saline placebo in its clinical trial)
Imagine if there was a study set out to prove that whiskey didn’t get you pissed and in the ‘placebo’ group they gave the participants vodka.
This is what we call settled science?


"Some of the misinformation regarding vaccines includes an argument that vaccines have not been tested against a saline placebo in a double-blinded randomized clinical trial. This misinformation is aimed at confusing the wealth of evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of immunizations. In this blog post, we will explain what a blinded randomized clinical trial is, when this study design has been used in the development of immunizations, and why it is not used as often anymore."

Source: Randomized Clinical Trials for Vaccine Safety, Efficacy and Effectiveness | History of Vaccines

I’m not going to participate in this discussion any more.


Your article proves the point that the statement that most / all vaccines on childhood schedule have not gone through saline placebo trials. It just argues that it would be unethical to do such trials, which is a different point entirely to which one could easily counter. Nevertheless as you have already said you don’t want to continue, I won’t waste my time.


Why do companies that lie in studies, harm and kill people every year get liability protection? If their product is safe why do they need liability protection? They pay billions in fines and you trust them with liability protection. Says more about you than those that are skeptical of companies known to deceive and kill for profit. Or is that not true? They don’t lie cheat and kill.

Why do they use toxic placebos to license their products. Why would they not use saline?

Why don’t they do longterm safety studies on the order of years? Have they done in the past with saline and decide they don’t need it?

Why did they give millions upon millions of people the polio vaccine when they new it has a virus that causes cancer? Did anyone go to jail? Did anyone pay fines?