Don't even THINK about throwing a party at MAID = $1

It would send the wrong message. Nobody cares about today’s MAID price, right? We want to change the world by re-structuring the internet. So, our partying should be based on reaching development objectives, not the price of the coin.

Besides, we would be a laughingstock if we threw a party at MAID = $1, and after a month, it was down to 5 cents. And don’t think it couldn’t happen.


Couldn’t agree more. Next party should be held at Alpha 3 release.


Any chance for an Alpha 2.5? :grin:


Ill celebrate when i want, little occasions, big occasions, no occasion at all other than that im still alive and kicking.

Maybe relax, have some fun, and stop overthinking everything to the point youve killed the passion?

Your choice of course, just a suggestion.

Carpe diem


Of course you can hold your own celebration. Some people on the forum were talking about an official Maidsafe party. That would be a mistake.

Yeah I celebrate all of the time. We’re all very lucky, to be sure.


Where was that discussed?

I dont think ive seen the words " official and party " mentioned together.

Edit - before now.


Maidsafe focus on delivery, not market cap movements. I am sure they would much rather celebrate alpha and beta releases.


1 dollar is worth celebrating. Not by the company Maidsafe but by it’s supporters. It’s usefull to have a ever increasing coin for a few reasons.

Increasing value is the best publicity you can get and it doesn’t cost a penny

The more money that is created within this community then the more people will invest in projects which will be built in the safe network.

If people make money they can quit their jobs and concentrate on working on safe projects full time. I know that’s what I plan to do if I ever get financially independent.


It was never going to be an official MaidSafe party, so this may just be a misunderstanding.

Many people have been supporting & passionate about this project for a long time, and can feel free to celebrate some milestones along the way.

I think it’d be great to meet people who I’ve been interacting with in the community in person, and it’d probably build further depth in the community.

I think the first mention of the concept was here: MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1) - #993 by piluso

I then later incorrectly remembered this conversation as a $1 party, but people seemed up for that as well.

If there’s a MaidSafe community party / gathering in Troon / Ayr at $1, I’ll certainly be there if I can be.


Wouldn’t $1 per MAID make it easier for Maidsafe to have additional confidence for throwing more money at geniuses to fix the world’s problems in the current version of their product along with creating new solutions within the project as the need arises and to then eventually fix more problems arising from those solutions? And that would be pretty worthy of a party.


I guess we all that have been here for a while hold quite a few of coins…so why having a party at 1$ when that won´t change anything in our lives ? We have to aim for higher price…say 100 $ at least? (That means that a lot of people will have started to grasp the concept of MAID…because this is what is most important, internet decentralization, not just a pump scheme! Ethereum started off with a great market campaign even though they had and still have nothing completed … only a road map! By doing that Ethereum got attention and investiment from bigger players… We on the other hand, kept quiet about what we are doing and got shaddowed by marketing campaign of other coins that have no value at all! . So I think we should wait till things are concrete on both side: price and project solidified!


Totally agree. with @hamarana. I didnt party when it ralled from 0.015c to 0.02c all those years ago. I won’t be partying now. Sure, my omniwallet looks quite nice at the moment but its only a number on a screen that doesnt impact my life in any way.

I prefer to think of those schoolkids in Australia who wre buying the dip in their science lesson. Now that makes me smile.


Maybe to me and many people, “penny stocks” transitioning into not being penny stocks is very major. The very concept of something being between 1 cent and 100 cents is like thinking of the initial offering in terms of a percentage. “I got in at the 1%-2% (1-2 cent) range,” for instance.

55 cents also seemed to have been a very major turning point. And that’s really the point of intersection. Like two sine waves being 50% in synchronization with one another isn’t quite the greatest turning point, because if the 2nd of those two sine waves starts to “rise up the y-axis” from the zero point of the x-axis—while the 1st one has just crossed that same point in the x-axis, but moving downwards—this then makes them miss out on each other’s positive (let alone negative, i.e. below the x-axis) essence. So, rather: 55% is when there starts to be the slightest amount of synergy between two people. Hell, even 51% makes two sine waves (or two people) have 1% common footing in this example of x- and y-axis shenanigans, though that’s nothing really to sneeze at vs. the knowledge that 55% creates a 5% common footing. Thus, 100% synchronization between two sine waves is the disintegration of penny stocks.

Congratulations on reading the weirdest post on the clear net.


Nobody’s going to force anyone to attend any party :smile:

Why should some tell others when they should be alowed to celebrate their journey with MaidSafe so far?

Let anyone who wants to celebrate $1 go ahead, and those who don’t want to can stay away :smiley:


The 10 dollar party and 100 dollar will be more extreme i guess.


Don’t get me wrong. If you wanna party, party! I just get more excited about successful implementation. I don’t get suicidal if the price falls, so I don’t feel the need to party in a rally.

Plus, until you actually sell, your profit or loss is only theoretical.

So I would suggest booking some profits to pay for for your party. Otherwise your pain will be double if the price slides.

But what do i know, I actually entered a sell order at around 7c in Dec16, watched it fall further, cancelled my order and didnt look at it again for 4months.

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Myself and the good folk that I introduced to maidsafe will be celebrating. Ofcourse we are excited by the technology, it’s why we’re here. We do have a celebration plan, but only up to the $10 mark.

$1 - lunch time pint or a coffee together. Don’t want to wipe out profits.
$10 - a meal / night out.

$100 - $1000 - at this point, I’d quit the day job and go on full Dev mode to pump the safeNEt with as many usefull apps as I could.

On full launch what ever the price - I’d be up for sticking on a t-shirt and flying out to a party in a Scottish castle. :slight_smile:


I agree with all of this, and have never partied in any rally before, but I think it’d be great to get together with a bunch of people I’ve interacted with for years who share an interest in the technology MaidSafe is building.

Having a wee celebration doesn’t need to be a declaration of having ‘made it’, a statement of victory, or be lavishly expensive… I’m thinking of a social gathering & a bit of fun.

People need to take this party idea a bit less seriously - it originated as a playful idea that could be some fun.

Bunch of party poopers :joy:


Thanks so much for all of your comments. I love everyone’s input!

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Indeed, don’t take this too seriously.
Most people are not that interested in the reason of a party, as long as there is a party (personally: the party frequency shouldn’t become too high).
I want to see what happens if you say, in a way you really mean it, at someone’s birthday party: ‘Do you really deserve this party, what have you really proven today?’.

And my understanding of the first, possible ‘parties’ is rather modest: an informal ‘come together’, like visiting a bar or some bars, with not too much background music and probably not so many people (location…).