Donation for Maidsafe

of course, can you write me the address of the MaidSafe company? :slight_smile:


I appreciate the idea behind this, but if money is low, I would hope they would do another funding round when needed. There is more equity that can be sold, either in public or privately.

As an maidsafe investor and coin holder, I’m hopeful that these avenues will be sought before needing to rely on donations.


It ended with - this thread is causing distrust and FUD. Funding is fine and David would tell us when there is an issue well ahead of time.

Traders getting nervous is the cause of the new round of FEAR. We had another questioning the honesty of David when he says we will not be in the dark if funding becomes an issue and that the talk of problems when there is none causes worse problems.

I don’t know the reason behind the OP, but it causes fear because there is no indication at this time that there is a problem. We have always known funding is not massive but the company has succeeded for over 10 years on small funding and we have not been in the dark as to upcoming problems. Why now?


why is the people from maidsafe responsible for the finances and taking salary for the admin work sitting quiet, is it so hard to respond on the forum to make the supporters informed?

Not only it causes fear. It causes paranoia as well, because it makes it appear as if the team is not capable of communicating these issues and delegates it on certain community members.


Perhaps because they understand how business and cash flow operate in small businesses. Those who don’t would probably be fearful, at what is quite normal.


hey @anon94252342 can I also offer to you a jar of pickles. It works very well :slight_smile: Just send me your address on pm :slight_smile:


are you saying they are sitting quiet because otherwise if we knew how much funds are left they would fear there will be massive dump on the market?

The team are focused on important work not the fears of nervous Nellie’s. Sell if you are that concerned. It can go lower


No, I am suggesting that people like you would panic at what was normal.

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hey @Traktion I have a jar of pickle for you too :slight_smile: Seriously people, if we need to help or not we will find out someday soon or later

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And I noted its only early morning (like 6AM) in the UK and this topic started during their night

Hey @anon94252342 shouldn’t they at least have sleep

And they are a company, a real company not a scam crypto that jumps in knee jerk reaction to any fud about their coin. Being a company they have a responsibility to be careful with company information and not do knee jerk reactions even if its not the middle of the night

So far it is normal, nothing wrong in what Maidsafe have done or are doing. When something shows up wrong then thats the time to ask questions.


Iirc, david said no matter what he would make sure the project launched, that was enough for me.


no one i spreading fud here, it was mentioned by nick that unti eoy the company needs to find a new source of funding , there are only 2 months left , its natural to ask those questions

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Why do you think all the work to get Fleming ready is happening at such pace?
It will prove everything works, which should open many doors to funding.


You can ask but if they will not aswer it is OK. Anything about funding project said officially more than once per year is very uncommon if you compare it with other companies and fundations.
The first talks about running out of cash were at times of Bitcoin at $5000 so we can expect several months more than less. Spring 2020? After release of Maxwell it can be more easy to find more resources. To me it looks like David strategy.


I don’t see the point of this initiative because there is no indication that it is needed.

Naturally questioning about funding comes up from the community quite regularly, but Maidsafe have always answered essentially the same - we’ll let you know. When they have needed funding, they’ve taken time to figure out what works best for the project, company, Foundation and overall goals - and they’ve then got it done.

I see these discussions as understandable, but pointless unless Maidsafe come forward and solicit our help as they’ve done before.


And you have ignored everything else that has been said since. You are just waiting for the message that Maidsafe is closed for business and then you will be satisfied. That message is certainly clear from your posts today and for the last year or so.

How many times times have you jumped up thinking there is a end of life scenario and everytime there is not. Guess if you say it often enough and long enough then one day it might happen even if its 30 years from now when a new company is formed to produce the child of SAFE.

And in fact @anon94252342 you have destroyed any chance of the OP getting any decent response to his idea (good or bad) because of your unfounded questioning of Maidsafe’s finances and integrity (disbelieving David’s promise). While the staff sleep at that.


And we have the expectations of BTC halving starting in a few months which historically been good for the price.


Probably the best thing to do is buying more MAID. The price will go up and as a result, the team will have more resources to use. No special bitcoin address needed.