[Donate :safe:] Covers for the Weekly Dev Updates

Hey friends,

if you want to see your photos (example landscapes and mountains) as a covers in the weekly :safe: Dev Updates please send me your photos in a personal message!


Edit: you may be listed as an author or remain anonymous


You can use the ones I sent you. Don’t give me any credit for the ones you use. :racehorse:

Maybe I can send you a few more. But I already sent you my best ones.


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I’m glad you reminded me, friend. I used them for the Bulgarian covers, I will send them to the team too!


Edit: @Secretariat415 It is important to note that I do not choose what to publish, I just make them the right size and put the logo.


I am collecting more photos for the weekly updates, if someone wants to see their photo and name in a dev update, now is a good time :dragon:


I am collecting photos for the next Fleming Testnet Releases, send me PM!


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UP - give me your best pics, write your name in the history of Safe!

Privacy. Security. Freedom

UP :jeremy:

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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