Donald Trump's Political Agenda Decoded

My interpretation of Donald Trump’s messages are:

  1. When Trump talks about deporting illegal immigrants and have them come in legally, he is actually talking about amnesty, which means that in practice the illegal immigrants will be made legal without having to first leave the U.S.

  2. Trump’s claim about making the military bigger and stronger than ever, is in an “America first” sense, which means that he will shrink the foreign U.S. military involvement and in practice it’s a radical reduction of the military industrial complex, seen from the total perspective.

  3. The promotion of free market competition in health care that Trump has talked about is in actually a road towards single-payer universal health care.


Trump is a pragmatist. He is going to say whatever he needs to say to win. I don’t think many of the things he says are likely to matter in the unlikely event he gets elected… He will support whatever, Yell a Rah-Rah song, and keep on truckin’

I don’t think there is much reason to believe he is a Republican in any traditional sense of the word… He is the first pick of very few of the longtime Republicans I know… I suspect he is actually a WWE candidate. This might not bode well – There are plenty of uneducated angry democrats out there for the taking too… They may be flowing to Sanders now - but when push comes to shove, they may well pick Donald over Hillary…

He is HyperStatist, as far as I can tell. I am going to stay far far away.