Domino's serves up pizza delivery robot

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Free pizza anyone.

How are they going to stop them being ambushed? lol

Might work well in some places but in others I doubt they work. Its one thing to mug a “delivery boy”, the criminal charge is serious. But a 4 wheeled robot that does not even get a chance to see its muggers (bag over the cameras), is completely different.

Any how good luck to them, Brisbane is full of hilly streets

Isn’t it a drone? Flying high up in the sky

from the article

DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit), a prototype of what Domino’s says is the
world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle, was unveiled in
Brisbane on Thursday night.[/quote]

Oh and sorry Dominos it is not the world’s first. I watch a show a couple of years ago on the discovery channel that fast prototyped an autonomous pizza delivery bot in LA’s bay area. Upto 4 pizzas and the person had to swipe the credit card used to get their pizza, no human interaction or control. Just the details of where to go and which slots to open for which card swiped. Crossed streets and all.

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