Dominic Cummings Truth Bombs

Anyone else tuning in to this?

I’m happy to say I’m no longer feel like a “Conspiracy Theorist” - the UK government were really a bunch of incompetent liars.

It also exposes the UK media to what little actual journalism they do, and that they’ve been parroting the government all along.

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The Tavistock Institute for Human relations are a sub group of elitist conspiracy practitioners working, as ever in their own best interests - they havent missed leading a propagandist media campaign since they first emerged out of wellington house in ww1, and have been using applied behavioural psychology, with fear and shock tactics, marketing their products and effecting quite succesful mass manipulations and perception management ever since…
As far as I’m concerned,Cambridge Analytica and AIQ - both openly connected with Dominic C - are tiny public nodes of a monstrous tavistockian mind controlling data processing industry currently still in operation - now aimed at securing compliance with, and support for increasingly insane covid related restrictions and directives ensuring maximum uptake of their dirty deathshots. The fear factory is having its furnaces stoked with insignificantly altered variants and a collapsing economy but thankfully worldwide resistance to the program and the programming is growing by the day…