Domains (URLs) on SAFE

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Eddyjohn please keep quiet about how revolutionary the SAFE Networks PublicID’s are and how rich we’ll all get once we start domain squatting :stuck_out_tongue:

This Techcrunch article says what I’ve been saying all this time.


  • $1,004,800,000 in annual fees
  • It’s not uncommon to spend well over $100,000 for a premium domain name.
  • Crazy territory: For example, the rights to .BLOG were purchased by WordPress for $19 million, Google paid $25 million for .APP, Amazon paid up to $10 million for .BOOK and Verisign backed a $135 million winning bid for .WEB

LOL if they only knew about the publicID’s on the SAFE Network.

  • No annual fee
  • Complete ownership
  • Low cost to register & no third party needed
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I still think maidsafe should have integrated early DNS into their business plan. Someone is going to profit big style and I suspect it won’t be those who put the effort in to build safe net.


Would it be too late to do this? I agree that it should be the team that benefits, so giving them a 1-month window in which they have the right to register any domain names they wish should be made part of the business plan.


maybe they don’t think centralized DNS profits will be that large on SAFE?

I think everyone’s forgetting the dynamic in that area will be completely different on SAFE vs how it is now on the clearnet


I am sure they could, but it would have been good to get in the equity sale plan.

I understand why they do the want to be seen as managing DNS, but with a free for all, first come first serve, system then people will cyber squat. This is just a reality we cannot ignore.


Well, I should imagine ‘google’, ‘amazon’, ‘porn’ IDs etc would still be sought after, no matter what the system.


Hopefully this is related enough, but I remember after Michael Jackson died people were trying to sell domains with his name on ebay for millions… what a joke. I do agree though that IDs on SAFE could be highly sought after at some point.

Maybe whoever snatches up ‘google’, ‘microsoft’ etc. quick enough could hold them for ransom. :wink:

Wouldnt be suprised if someone wasn’t already planning a script to do so. Its the easiest thing to take the top x domain names and whatnot, and register them within minutes.

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Just a thought, what if public ids comes in two parts. The first is the name you pick, the second is a random number of let’s say 7 digit long that you don’t get to choose. It’s like a phone number. So owning google_3847293 isn’t really special anymore. You would need to buy all possibilities if you really want nobody else with the same name. Which might happen on rare occasion but It’s all right, more Safecoins for the network.

Of course it makes it a bit more complicated to remember but it’s just like a phone number, once you record it in your contact list you don’t need to use it anymore. We could have trusted list of known entity so your program can validate if it’s the real Google or not.

The game studio Blizzard does that for their online games. They add a 4 digits random number to your nickname so multiple person can use the same name.

Or just use petname system (micro dns). No more squatting. Search in the forums.


Yes, this is the dynamic that I’m talking about, that I still think everyone has forgotten about, and will render this whole conversation mostly useless :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember this being an earlier idea for public ID’s, mentioned by David. And certainly solve that problem, although I’d suggest that the digits would have to be limited so that we don’t get google_0000001 or google_11111111. Maybe just limit digits to occurring twice max in the number portion.

I think this is a good option. And people could subscribe to a service that helps when your local petname DB doesn’t have the entry. Then Google subscribes to them and gets their ID listed as one of the many googles out there. There might be 1000’s of such services.

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