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Hello everyone,

I got into Maid four weeks ago and I am completly hooked, love there concept and wanna support it fully.

On the “current” www. i got about 3 websites running that together is forming a community, as soon as safenetwork starts i wanna switch/support the safenetwork and therefore i would like to register a domein name. (ofc when possible on mainnet).

But there are so many post about it that i just get complete confused will maid use safe:// or switched now to
http://..safenet ? what guide to follow etc.

Does anyone know a guide to the latest information or can explain me how to do it ?
Will the registration be lifetime and stuck to my id ? So many question so many blurry answers.

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When you register a domainname or username or public name or an address for some structured data it’s yours. Only you with the right private key in your datamap can decided to let it go. So I think it’s paying some Safecoin once and you’re good.

I don’t know how things will look with URL’s. Right now it’s ported using a proxy as you might have seen. No idea what it’s gonna be with the final release.


Thank you for your answer, do you know if its possible to register more then one cause three would be optiomal just like the normal net.

And if someone got a guide how it’s have to be done now that would be awesome, I was just too late to participent in testnet 3 last week cause of a business trip.


Yes, you can get more. There’s a community net running right now.

You have to alter 2 config files, but it’s actually copy and paste like in a text-file should work. So start a Vault, run the Safe Launcher and make an account and use the demo app to register a public name and publish a safesite.

In this topic there are links to tutorials on how to use the demo app etc.


Right now the launcher runs a local HTTP proxy that recognizes .SAFENET tld’s. The addon will run through the proxy and redirect appropriately.

As far as registration, in my attacking the name service post @digipl mentions that @dirvine suggested limiting DNS records per user.

If you can do a little research, I too would be interested to find out if this restriction is going to be implemented or not. Also if it is per persona or per login.


Thank you all very much for the helpfull answers ! Appreciate it.

I will start a on the community net and register my 3 (of possible) to see if it works etc.

Good luck all.

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Maybe the easiest way at the moment would be to just create three accounts, with one domain registered per account. Then you would just have to remember 3 pin numbers, 3 keywords, and 3 passwords…

My theory, somewhat supported by a few days experience, is that to keep an account and all of its data alive indefinitely on the current test network, one has to access the following every hour or so:

  1. Launcher credentials/login.

  2. Demo app or the user ID.

  3. Webpage or other files.

Scripting the last item is simple enough, but I don’t know how to programatically do the first two. For example, I suspect that clicking on the “allow” button and other actions involves calling a “post” command, but I can’t do that yet.

A client that could automate all three steps would be way cool and very, very useful, and probably within reach of an average programmer.

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