Domain extention will be .safenet?

Or after launch it will be changed to something like .sn?

I could be totally wrong on this one, but I read that DNS was reserved type structureddata 4 on the SAFE Network. And the format is:

safe://PUBLIC ID.whatever extension you want


There will be no Internet domain.


@alphabet the problem with short TLDs is that they could be “taken” within the next months/years … eg .sn is senegal … so safenet isn’t too bad for now i’d say - one could think about shorting it so .snet but wouldn’t be as self-explaining …

there is a chance some day (when the large browsers support the safe protocol) it won’t be http://www.alphabet.safenet anymore but safe://www.alphabet will work as well - but as for now focus is at the MVP this discussion will probably have to wait for some more days /weeks

ps: there have been long discussions about this in the forum already

and there is a POC safe browser ready to download

if you play with the search function you’ll probably find some other topics dealing with this question as well and which paths are possible