Domain aka long name restrictions?

Are there plans to place any restrictions on long names? Currently they are acting much like domain names and (at least in decorum [as well as how I assumed they would work]) personas. However, they are case sensitive and allow special characters. So if Maidsafe foundation wanted the domain maidsafe.safenet, they would have to get every permutation of that name, because Maidsafe.safenet and MaidSafe.safenet would be totally different locations.

Long names also allow things like < script > (spaced added so forum didn’t wig out) to be a long name. I guess this isn’t a bad thing as much at totally out of the ordinary from what we’re used to.

Just curious if this was done on purpose, is just a side affect of how the background works, or was even considered. I think it will pose a problem (just be a pain?) when the scammers get hold of that. (amazon.safenet vs Amazon.safenet)

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