Doing my small part


This thread is dedicated to all the very small acts, that people with less skills or energy can do to support Maidsafe in their quest for better internet.

I encourage you to make some minor thing and then brag about it here. The smaller and easier your act is, the more I’m eager to hear about. It might be something that a guy like me could do too!

I’ll start myself:

For a long time I read the Maidsafe Medium articles, but I never gave the articles any claps. That was the case, because I didn’t have an account, which is needed for clapping, and it always felt a bit too much of a work to create an account. So, today I signed in to Medium, so that next time they publish something, I’m ready to clap.


Nice iniative! One brick at a time…


The acts of individual ants, working together, are indomitable.


Just spread the news about Maidsafe in my cripto group :slight_smile:


I still trying to work out what I can develop for the SAFE network… I guess I just need to start coding!


Medium is quite nice you get logged in for what feels like forever. Do feel free to clap at any previous articles though!


Using WhatsApp to spread word to all my friends that are interested into crypto, currently reading about Electron app and going through the tutorial to see if i can make something out of it. So happy that i can be part of the new internet! Perfect time to be alive!


I met a random guy at a bar who was working on some master degree related to freedom of speech, so I explained to him about the project and handed over a safe network sticker :blush:


Just finished the first day of a public speaking course in London. Had a couple of beers afterwards with some of the guys on the course. One guy owned a VC investment company that had invested in many tech start ups in the past. He bought into BTC and Eth last year, so I told him to look into Maidsafe and left a detailed note on his phone.


Stopped using Windows and never went back. Happy Linux user now for 3+ years.


I built a tiny community of around 100 people here who now have at least 2.5million maids amongst them. :blush:

Last night i mentioned MS in a telegram group with 3k members who mostly trade btc. A few had heard on MS.



Putting my sticker where my mouth is.


I recently introduced Maidsafe to a group of Malaysian students going to study in The UK. Imperial College & Kings college. Told them how exciting the work is and what how great the team is. So lets hope a few of them make it to Ayr to know more.


I asked for technical help. If anyone knows the answer or can vote me up, please do so.


I also just asked for a peruse and safenetwork tag in stackoverflow.


I was under the impression that only Maidsafe Staff were to have that tag. It would be very confusing if others had that tag as well


A friend of mine is a sysadmin in the local Amnesty branch. Today I met him over the lunch and then wrote him a small introduction to Safenet - and a link to the website of course. Safenet would save them a lot of headache in regards to communications with oppressed people.


I meant safenetwork tag whenever someone asks a nodejs/vue/rust question related to the safenetwork there.