Doesn't Rule 41 basically make the SAFE Network illegal?

I have the impression that the constitution have been not only twisted and reinterpreted but also completely ignored enough times that it’s almost irrelevant. If the FBI wants your computer, they will get it.

“Could” being the operative word there. Good luck trying. From the floor. With a knee in your kidneys :joy_cat:

I had to convince me like 5x during this short post that you’re not trolling. If you are: sorry for falling for it. Or: congratulations, it’ worked. Pick your choice.


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It’s not about attitude, it’s just stating the obvious: believing some nice sounding words won’t give you a fighting chance against the FBI, the NSA, and the likes of them. Honestly, I can’t believe things can change in a centralized nation state that size; these abuses are the results of scale more than anything else. In other words, abuses by the large organizations (of a country, a corporation, etc) are unavoidable and unfixable other than breaking it up into much smaller independent units. That, however, is unlikely to happen, lack of a global disaster (which is likely coming, so cheer up.)

EDIT: I’m not saying don’t fight against injustice, I’m just saying it will keep popping up even if you manage to fix some of it, which alone is a feat because the ones who commit the injustice are not only making (and bending) the rules, they can also utilize infinitely more resources than those they abuse.

As for me, instead of worrying about the big things I can’t fix, I’m happy to worry about those small things that I can, and if stuff gets bad someplace, I just move on. Life is too short for misplaced loyalty to concepts like “country” and “nation” and the likes, all of which are relatively new inventions for the sole purpose to give rulers more power over more people.