Does/will the network support some kind of local connections?

does the network use local networks? imagine a big univercity, many dorms etc. will the network move all traffic through the internet connection of the campous or if there is for example this way:

a person that sends a file to all the campous, the file is send/viewed loaclly in the campous network.

I imagine it could be possible ot have a localization system and it could be really usefull once mesh networks are in place where people could have local networks of their devices and use safe network for its great privacy and security but in those scenarios I imagine all the traffic of the files are tunneled through available internet connections?

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The network uses the internet for all traffic, if anyone would like to setup some local internal network, from what I understand, they could probably do so. There is now alot of focus on release and anything beyond that is probably something for maybe the future.


As @tobbetj said SAFE runs on the internet (not web) and all you can do on the internet today you will still be able to do. SAFE is not replacing the network protocols existing now, but is another set of protocols running along with the existing ones.

Thus your SMTP (email) won’t change, and if you want to use the SAFE network then SAFE will offer a safer messaging system or two or more.

File servers will not change, network printing will not change. But SAFE provides a more secure of storing your files. In fact you could copy a file to/from the file server at uni from/to the safe network

In fact nothing changes except you now have the SAFE network also running and when you use it then you are using a more secure way of doing things including APPs and storage