Does the browser work on the 0.16 version?

And does it work more than locally?

The browser does not work against the current binaries yet I’m afraid. It needs network deps to be updated, and likely some small tweaks to the APIs too.


That’s too bad.
I was really hoping I could use the safe network as a cloud or use happybeing’s version control today, so I could move all my stuff to my raspberries.


Thanks for pushing this one @folaht we are and will do our best to keep the pace here. Holidays aside of course. Thanks again


Does the ‘mock version’ terminology of the safe browser still have any meaning, considering how there’s much emphasis now on running ‘baby fleming’, ‘a local network of nodes’?

Or is running a ‘mock version’ not the same as directing your browser to a local network of safe nodes?

Can the safe browser remotely connect to locally run nodes or are locally run nodes inaccessible to not just other nodes, but clients as well?

I think the local network will replace mock once it has been updated and can work together. I seem to remember this being said when baby Fleming was released.


Yeh, as @happybeing says, local will replace mock. Mock functionality has been stripped away in general from the libs now we have more reliable local testing available.

The browser’s still waiting on udpates for all of this though I’m afraid.


Shouldn’t this currently have priority?

Shouldn’t this currently have priority?

What exactly? Removing deprecated functionality from the browser? versus getting the test network stable?

I’m not sure what/how you intend to test against a network that’s not stable? I can’t say I agree with that.

If you want to have a go at updating the required libs, PRs are very welcome.


No point having a browser with no working network, imo. Priority must surely be a stable network first.


If the baby network works, I would like to *ahem* test if I can get a website running on it.

I think the point it, you can test whether data can be uploaded or downloaded without the browser. To test the network you don’t need a browser.

Ofc, testing that the browser works is a good thing, just as with any client app. It just isn’t necessary for testing the network.

I’m sure the browser will become a priority once the network is ready. The network is the hard bit and this part that needs proving. Loads of folks have written browsers, so that is a known quantity. It is the network itself that is novel and in need of proof.


At the moment it won’t work well as we are doing these updates. As soon as it’s stable enough to not just annoy people with working/not working recursion, we will allocate resource to release it. I know it’s hard, but things are moving at pace and we need to stay on track.


Maybe I’m wrong here, but I just get the feeling that the current priority is getting a multi-machine network launch ready after multi-node local with nothing in between.

I see it this way:

  • 1 machine local (11 nodes)
  • 1 machine LAN
  • 1 machine ipv4
  • 1 machine ipv6
  • 2 machines
  • 3 machines
  • 4-11 machines
  • launch

atm no ipv6 (not a big issue right now though). So testing localhost network/Lan network and public networks. Currently formalising a lot, Errors/Versioning/serialisation/upgrades as we test. While this is happening some testnet iterations will appear. As this stabalises → launch launch launch :wink: Right now it’s almost a blur as we tweak/test/repeat.


Stable network of course, but if you may throw yourself under the bus :grimacing: how much work would it entail once we have a stable network to bring the browser back.

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Are there still frontend / full stack devs to work on the browser? @ravinderjangra used to work on this, if memory serves. Perhaps it’s within the wheelhouse of the devs who’ve been working so hard on the backend.

The main contributors have been Josh, Gabriel, and Hunter (Hunter moved on at some point) but Josh and Gab are like a dream team duo and they got sucked into the Safe Network gears and been rebuilding from the inside out ever since. At some point I’m guessing they get back at the Safe Browser and Safe Network App. Rav was doing a lot with mobile so not sure what’s going to happen there. Hope that helps


That’s great to hear! :smile:

Should be smooth sailing


Yeh. Might be painful to return to JS-land after workings solely in rust for so long, but I will do it none-the-less :stuck_out_tongue: (rust is just so pleasant ).


@Josh wild bugs aside, minimum work should be updating node libs and any API tweaks for changes we’ve made in the last…while. I don’t anticipate that being heaps of work. But we’ll see when the bus gets here :smiley: