Does Omniwallet still support MaidSAFE?

Does still support MaidSafe? Looking at the supported coins I dont see it listed???
From the

"### Multi-currency support

  1. Omniwallet comes with a pre-built support for Bitcoin, Omni Token and Test Omni Token
  2. Native support for Smart Property and User-Generated Currencies"

Thank You!

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Yes as Maidsafecoin is a “Omni Token”.


Thanks! I was able to import my private key. I wish the website said somewhere , more obvious, that they still support MAID!

Where is the bitcoin transaction fee deducted? If I have a separate Bitcoin address with a balance to pay the MaidSafe transaction fee its not obvious that the fee will come from the correct place so as to NOT use my MaidSAFE coins to pay the transaction.

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Out of interest roughly what is the current btc transaction fee?

So far as i know, you always use btc to pay transaction fee.
Even if the small amount of btc on your maid address gets spent, the maid are still there.

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You actually just need to post some data to the bitcoin blockchain for an omni transaction to happen (that’s the reason you need to pay a btc fee), so this should also work if you want to transfer some maid from one (omni) address but pay the fee from an other bitcoin address (?!) (at least technically it could work…)

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I have always sent the btc to pay the fee to my address holding the maid.

Thanks for the response. Omni webwallet delineates non Maid from Maid so you can send BTC to the maidsafe address to cover fees.

My bigger issue! I transferred one btc worth of maid to hitbtc and looks like they are ready to fold honding uses coins. Avoid HitBTC!!!

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