Does MaidSafe have something to do with SafeX?

Can we get official confirmation that is a real thing?


Does the maidsafe foundation or @dirvine have anything to do with SafeX?

In other words I doubt they have any say or ability to confirm/deny this other than searching the forum here and seeing the history of who is behind safex

LOL - sure way to get the latest info about dallyshala’ project just contact the big boss of the whole thing, even if it’s unrelated to SafeX…

Stoner’s Fever :worried:


The question is if this is part of Maidsafe’s project or is it a private spin off/scam

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No that was not the question. Do you want me to retype your question or topic title for you?

Besides how can someone unrelated to the project tell you if something that hasn’t launched yet is a scam?

And thirdly, if you bothered to search this forum for dallyshala’s history of posts you would have seen that the exchange has been work in progress for quite some time.

Stoner’s Fever :tired_face:


Have you done any research whatsoever ?

Apparently not.


No it is not

Please avail yourself of the wealth of information in this forum. You at least trust this forum enough to ask for confirmation here. And there is more than enough for you to get your answer.

It is no good any of the other members to confirm it for you because we could also be unreliable. So check @dallyshalla’s posts for yourself and see for yourself if its real or a scam.


the thing that worries me is its something completely different, run only by Daniel and none of the MaidSafe team, but he is dittoing the “pre-sale-of-token” method and if anything goes wrong it could reflect very harmfully on the core MaidSafe team, who we are all firmly behind and belive in

everything’s just happening so quickly here

(and I’m here in SF–right next to it!–and im still confused! I cant imagine for everyone else!)

i also hope that nobody gets confused and mistakes this as another project being worked on by the core MaidSafe team. just stating my concerns with this rapidly changing landscape

Plenty of us to correct that perception then.

Still its great to see one large APP progress and I am sure others will too soon enough


I think Daniel is the first to show us how to fund our projects built for the SAFE network. Fortunately what he is building will only contribute to the SAFE community as a whole and make things easier for others looking to fund their DAO’s.

IMHO @dallyshalla is showing potential project investors how easy it will be to make a decent ROI.


I think Daniel is the first to show us how to fund our projects built for the SAFE network. Fortunately what he is building will only contribute to the SAFE community as a whole and make things easier for others looking to fund their DAO’s.

IMHO @dallyshalla is showing potential project investors how easy it will be to make a decent ROI.

Circle-jerking much ?

How can anyone possibly be confused?

DS has been talking about this for a while and his previous posts explained the why’s, what’s and who’s (I am mobile so I won’t check, but 1+year?).

And the topic about crowdsourcing was posted by him, and not by anyone from MaidSafe leadership.

On top of all the SafeX site doesn’t at all imply any connection, sponsorship or approval related to MaidSafe.

There is 0 potential for confusion to anyone who can focus their attention for more than 30 seconds.


I think you maybe a little confused, thinking Maidsafe were running Safex. This is just one of the first apps to appear and its what every new (big) app launch will look like. I know it’s a bit scary wondering if this or that is going to be a scam, but that’s just how it is, no guarantees, it’s the Wild West and will be populated by pioneers and bandits. We have to get used to using our own judgement about each new app/project using the same methods as the Network - reputation.
We just have to assess what we can by researching various stuff, then decide whether pioneer or bandit…this is just how it is really. You can listen to others, read posts, whitepapers etc then make up your own mind. :smiley:


It’s a private spin off then, got it. But as Whiteoutmashups said, to a typical user the way this site is being promoted makes it look like a Maidsafe project. Typical internet users will not have spent hours reading this forum, hence the possibility of confusion

Yes, I think you may have a point. I think it should be made clear in some way that any apps/promotions etc are not related to Maidsafe unless specifically and clearly stated and described as such. :smile:
Suggestion for @happybeing, @Melvin, @frabrunelle, @polpolrene, @jm5, @fergish, @Seneca, @neo, @ioptio maybe

lol…oops…that was meant to come up @ moderators.


We could discuss if it should be mentioned in the thread about a certain project but I don’t think we can demand they should mention it on their website. Why does it look like a Maidsafe project to you?

The suggestion was intended as to put some kind of banner/disclaimer on the forum to aid new users- not the website.

In no way at all, like any app/project we will try and help where we can and if we can, at the moment we are way to busy to even consider taking our eye of the ball. I wish every project luck if it’s considered and attempting to make everyone’s life better. Daniel certainly seems to fit the category and has not used MaidSafe in any way to promote this project. Seems to be well positioned and clear in his documents that this is a stand alone project.

Absolutely and as it should be :+1: MaidSafe the company has nothing to do with any project on SAFE and I hope they never will, unless there is a partnership and that would have to be crystal clear to everyone involved and publically stated. We need to keep the playing field level and it would be unfair for us to promote any project over another I feel, personally.

So good luck Daniel and every project out there, at the moment all we are doing is launching and until we are there will be no ability to deviate from that path.

PS I am not sure any forum topic should question anyone directly, it keeps single names in focus and we really want to be a team of people and not individuals, if we can :wink:


Thoroughly Appreciate everything you do -> making Safe Network and resilient on that. That’s more help than anyone could have ever intergalactically asked for. The Safe Network project can open anyone’s eyes and I think those of us here already know that. And those of us with practical skills can directly leverage that and bring to the people Applications of a next generation.

And wanted to mention: No one asks Satoshi Nakamoto directly in person about Bitcoin… since the days of the forum; though the people continue to impersonate him. And I wonder will folks start calling their domains etc Irvine :smile: once everyone is farming etc.