Does anybody in here mine or know much about it?

I’ve been thinking about mining a fair bit lately. My only experience with it was way back when I first heard of Bitcoin I decided to try it out on an old laptop. I then mined Quark coins and blew that same laptop up too haha :rofl:

My main questions I suppose are:

-before getting into it is how do I pick a coin with so many different ones now to mine or is there a multi currency miner out there?

-where is a good solid place to buy a miner? I’ve found a lot of places but not sure on their legitimacy?

-Im in Aus, it gets up to 40 degrees Celsius here in the summer so am thinking it may be best to store in a cooled box instead of a room, what are some options for that?

-Also, not that technical but I learn fast how much programming do I need to know from memory when I did it last it was all just prompts in something that looked like DOS back in the day lol, or is there a good GUI ?

I think that’s about it unless your from Aus/Melb and want to help me build it?

Thanks all

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is a pretty cool tool that you can use to get a rough estimate of profitability based off hardware. I’m still new to mining, and really only have done it because I happened to have an rx480.

I’ve been using claymores dual miner, to mine music coin, and pascal at the same time. which I thought was pretty cool.