Do you play chess? 🐉

So, do you play chess? One of the most useful things a person learns from chess is that in order to checkmate the opponent’s king, you have to strike in sync. Yes, that’s right, if you use all your available figures, the overall effect is stronger.


Who is the most important figure for the Safe marketing?

A Working network.

This is our King - without him the game is over. But there are different pieces in a game of chess. There are knights, there are pawns. When they act in sync, the effect of their actions on the whole game is stronger.

Who are our pawns in the Safe marketing? Things that have little power in themselves. For example, a meme game with prizes. Some may think this is useless. And in itself it is useless. There is no game without the King.

But to achieve the best game you have to hit in sync.

It takes time to synchronize your actions. Therefore, when you play chess, you need to start the first move with the pawn and arrange your pieces so that when the right time comes you hit with full force and conquer! :dragon:

The effect of the rooks, the bishops and the knights is that they give a strong social signal - they are successful people in life who can afford to burn time and have chosen to burn it for a dream called Safe, so perhaps there is something interesting here hence such people burn their time here.

By definition, the new people do not know how good the Safe network is - the possibilities are they to be curious enough on their own and take the time to understand Safe or receive a social signal to ignite their curiosity.

What are these social signals? These are the other pieces in the game. We have rooks like @mav discussing smart things, most of which I don’t understand, and @happybeing doing magic with code that I understand even less. We have knights like @Nigel who take care of the music in the game and Ambassadors like @Sotros25 who devotes her time to represent us to the world.

We also have many pawns (who give from the heart like @Secretariat415) and things like the international translations on the official website, forums and social channels. All these things and people do not exist in isolation but are connected and the effect of them is multiplied by each other and when the king enters the game I believe that all this preparation will allow us to jam on harder. So, do you play chess?


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Do you play @Antifragile? I recently deleted my lichess and bought a couple of Rust courses on Udemy instead :roll_eyes: also, in passing, off topic, enjoyed your shitcoin advice recently, good stuff

Nice post @Dimitar, not forgetting yourself who’s efforts have been quite off the board 4D chess! :chess_pawn:


2300? Niiice. Titled? At my ‘peak’ I struggled to hold 2000 (USCF, not FIDE), but am not at that strength any more. Much respect.


I played face to face in my 20s, but you and I can make the first online chess game on the Safe Network when the time comes and make history. :dragon:

It will be a short game because I’m not a good player, but I can bear to lose. :lol:


I intend to create a chess variant app on the safe network.
My own variant where at the very least c4/e4/d4/f4/Nf3/Nc3 will not be allowed as a first move for white.

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Great and you will be able to beat me! :piluso:

Are there hacks in Chess? :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Always play with white. Chess is a game where when you’re ahead and play perfect, your opponent can never win. Since white is always the first to move every turn, you have a better chance of winning playing white.
    • Then try to get ahead early in the game. The more you are ahead, the easier it is to get more ahead.
    • Then when you have the upper hand and it looks like you might be able to checkmate with a sacrifice or two, but also see clear opportunity to win a piece easily, take all the time you have to check if checkmate isn’t in the works before winning more material. If you can checkmate, you stop making flaws and win the game.
  • If you can’t win while your opponent is slightly ahead, you can always draw.
    • Force your opponent to move into a loop. This can be done early or in the middle of the game.
      • Force perpetual check.
      • Drive your opponent into a position where only a game-losing sacrifice will get him/her out of the loop.
    • Despite having a pawn more, block his extra pawn by:
      • Keeping your bishop and using your bishop and king to block one or two of his/her pawns.
      • Block his/her pawns with yours and block off his/her king from ever reaching your pawn bases.
      • Have your opponent end of with the side pawn and stand with your king in the corner.
    • Let your opponent end up with non-mating pieces.
      • One bishop.
      • One or two knights.
      • Side pawn and a bishop that cannot reach the advancement corner.
      • Queen vs. queen. → Almost always allows perpetual check.
      • Rook vs. rook → Usually allows perpetual check or permanent loop.

I intend to create a chess variant that reduces first mover advantage and draw opportunities.


I’m over 2000!!!


It does not Go fast enough.