Do you need to pay to make voice call using safenet?

I was thinking that end to end ecrypted voip will be great. I think we will see apps like this once the network is live. Will user need to pay to make calls or chat?

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Well that will depend on how it is done

If the SAFE network is used to setup the call and then its relay node to relay node comms then the only cost would be the few puts needs for the setup. Fractions of fractions of a safecoin.

If you opt for the laggy method of using the SAFE network for transport then you’d be paying for each packet sent and so be many many many fractions of fractions of a safe coin.


How about video streaming? Need to destroy YouTube and their monopoly!

POC been done on the testnets before.

So yes there is certainly going to be replacements for youtube and the “uploaders” will have full ownership of their videos on SAFE’s youtube lookalike sites.

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No cost to the downloader. Gets are free - puts cost.

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