Do you know anyone 'in real life' who is interested in the SAFE Network?

I just saw the post “Do we have any female Safies?”. Which got me thinking about the dynamics of our community. I would like to ask another question which is somewhat related:

Do you know anyone ‘in real life’ who is interested in the SAFE Network?

I’m personally interested to hear from forum members about their real life circumstances. I’d like to be able to gauge whether or not there are many people in my situation. I don’t know a single person who holds any interest in the SAFE Network, or Bitcoin, or anything related (despite my efforts to suggest that these things are worth looking into).

Are you alone in meatspace, with forums like this being a haven where you can converse with people who are interested? Or do you have people with whom you can talk face-to-face?

I can remember in the early days of the internet…

Q:Do you know anyone interested in the internet?
A:Some academics are
A: What is that? some new hair net for cooks?

Its really too early to expect more than a few who see the potential and are motivated enough to wait

I was about to add that I think there’s a fair chance that it’s only a matter of time before the SAFE Network becomes commonplace!

It is remarkable though how few people are interested in learning about new things.


Things might speed up next year in Australia because our government has decided for the 4th time in 15 years to attempt to censor the internet.

With the success of just a bare bones system, I can see it taking off when fully released

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I got my mother (already invested in MSC) and little brother (going to invest) interested. The SAFE Network offers so much positive things it’s just a matter of time, before it eats up the old internet.

  • Resourced based money even more useful than gold and silver
  • Censorship resistant DNS
  • Security & privacy

I even got library and colleague interested :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hehe, you’re right. And the fact that some of us know actual people who are interested (I do know 1-2) that doesn’t mean 1% of people are interested.
That means other people like us are interested. And we’re 0.01%.
I’ve said that many times. It’s apparent from how Bitcoin hasn’t been able to do anything and it’s not that hard to use (with a wallet that’s in complexity comparable to SAFE Launcher).

It’s going to take a long while…

Many are naive (yeah, there’s a better way to spell this) and think SAFE will somehow remain unregulated (if it takes off a little bit, like Bitcoin).

We’ve had some women on here. They’ve tended to be rebels.

I moved to SF for MaidSafe and got to meet Ms Paige @ioptio and Daniel @dallyshalla :slight_smile: very happy. So that’s 2 for me! But I sought them out