"Do you have to contribute to SAFE to be able to store on/use the Network?"

Sorry for starting a new topic, but I wanted a question answered I should probably know the answer to, but it’s a complaint that someone had about SAFE when I showed him the main YouTube overview video. He seemed really adamant that, “it will definitely be this way once the Network is finally created----since that’s usually how these types of things work.”

Basically: he thought you would be Required to donate your excess hard drive space to the Network, before you can ever think about using its many benefits. “Why would I store stuff on everyone else’s computers if I have to contribute my own space? I’d rather just use my own personal hard drive.”

I obviously will do this without a sweat since I’m such a big fan of the project.
But that’s not a necessity for everyone, is it?

Obviously you have to pay in Safecoin in order to PUT on the Network. But I don’t think I was thinking clearly when I was conversing with the guy I showed the overview video. I can’t recall ever telling him all about the built-in token/safecoin system (and I don’t think the video really touches on it?).

Even so, well, obviously a lot of people are going to want to have some Safecoin to be able to store their data. You have to get Safecoin somehow. In that way, yes, it’s actually required to farm for Safecoin in order to get.

However… there will be other ways: by trading, or fulfilling orders in an exchange.
But I just hope these features are quickly added to the Network—and easily—in order to quicken mass adoption, to the point where certain large groups of people feel way more comfortable just Buying Safecoin somewhere to use this new SAFE storage/Internet system, rather than “competing” with other farmers—no matter how Actually Easy/Simple that will be. Some % of people might be very averse to bothering with farming.

In any case, mainly I wonder if I’m missing something, and you actually Have To contribute some space to use the Network. I’m 99% sure that’s not the case (especially with the recent TESTs having a separate Vault from every other aspect of the SafeNet), but just wanted to be clear—if only to assure that any further people I introduce to SAFE won’t have a similar assumption.

If anything it should be a preparedness issue: where you should, right now, get as many Safecoin as you can on hand if you like the project—enough to trade Safecoin for your immediate friends’/acquaintances’ fiat. Of course, you can’t exactly force mass adoption. There will likely BE a lot of people interested in farming in the very early stages, which is obviously a great way to earn Safecoin (which then will be useful for trading with non-techies/etc., for their fiat, if they don’t care about farming).

That is now incorrect. This was an initial concept but was replaced long ago with the introduction of safecoin and payments for storing data

And actually I would have agreed with that person, but its not the case anymore.

You do not need any account or spend coin to “use” the network. Install launcher and access all public data and websites.

You need safecoin to open an account (store the account info) and to store any data.

There are a number of ways to get safecoin and pretty obvious. How well that works for people will depend on the person and their circumstances.

  • farm first.
  • buy safecoin from exchange or other person/means
  • have safecoin donated
  • someone suggested a public donation system that gives a coin for the purpose of opening an account. Dunno how that would be set up to prevent misuse, but it was suggested.
  • Suggestion that early on that the core system would have an allocation of a few puts with new account creation to allow for the creation of the account and a small number of puts. Not enough to make it worth gaming but enough to get onto SAFE with an account. Dunno if it has gone further than a thought experiment and would be removed with a system update when the network had grown sufficiently.

I would imagine that once the network has grown sufficiently then friends/family would just naturally give/loan a coin or two to friends/family who are new to the network.

Also there will be exchanges on SAFE that people should be able to use before having an account and ability to PUT to the network. Cash in Coin out.

The person would only need a coin address which could be generated before having an account. (Actually that has to happen for vaults so the vault can have a coin address)

Hope this has helped


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So MAID is really both a decentralized Internet, and a collective/personal hard drive?


The original name was MAID, and if I remember correctly stands for Massive Array of Internet Disks