Do you have IPv6 connectivity?

Do you have IPv6 connectivity?
  • Yes
  • No

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To understand how many folks have IPv6 connectivity, please run these and post your score:

Then add your conclusion to the poll. If still unsure what the result means, confirm and then update poll result. Thanks!


Ok, that is my first poll - let’s see if it works! ha! Mods, feel free to fix if it is broken!

My results are: - 0/10 - 3/20

No IPv6 for me! :frowning:


Ipv4 only for me.

As far as I know you can use Syntropy/Noia for this:

No IP6 for me. IPv4 works fine.

Mixed bag for me. IPv6 is available from my ISP, but my home network isn’t setup for it, so it would take some tweaking with configurations there. No IPv6 access via cellular connection.

Good point - my cellular is ipv4 too.

I only have internet access from my stupidphone - and it is a solid 0/10 for IPv6. Maybe that is to be expected, I know nothing about this.

I do some work for Frontier here in the states.
I just spoke to a guy that would deal with this at Frontier and the idea of IPV6 at least in the SE is not even being discussed.

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