Do we have an art section?

I’m sticking this in marketing because I was thinking this in terms of writing some stories based on the potential of SAFE, or how one could create memes, posters, manga, whatever. We actually discussed this a bit via the cuddly toy thread but it occurs to me there is no SAFE art section whatsoever. In fact I haven’t seen much SAFE art since the days since people used to do a lot of app development for the test nets. So I’m wondering do we have an actually SAFE art section of one kind or another? If this would be better in meta or some other section feel free to move it.


There may be some remains of safe://thewall somewhere in the depths of alpha2, but I think it was wiped out by the last restart

Other than that, there is the “post your Safe gifs” thread, too : Put your SAFE-network gifs here

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Yes well what I was thinking of is a bit more than just gifs. I’m thinking actual original art of one medium or another. SAFE is more than just a tech project, it’s the creation of a new internet, digital culture and society. That means there will be art to reflect that potential and those ideas, ideals, and the society forming behind that project. We have a lot of marketing around blog posts and such but not too much actual artwork. No music, no artwork, no poetry or stories, which is a bit of a shame considering the scope of SAFE and the effect it will have on society.