Do SAFE and Ethereum play nice together? Please explain

I’m from ze land of ETH but I’ve become really interested in SAFE, recently. I’m curious to hear from native-SAFErs how these two technologies might work together.

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This is a quote from the SAFEnetworks inventor in an article A compelling business strategy for a fair world

Options for trade

Bitcoin has been pretty remarkable for MaidSafe as it shows that even a system that is not fully decentralised makes so much sense. If we take bitcoin and merge it with a fully decentralised system we can achieve massive improvements. Secure wallets (simple), decentralise the blockchain (privacy returns) and add in transaction accountability via scripting (aka Ethereum project) and things start to look bewildering.

I have not even started on the possibilities here, worldwide voting systems, autonomous corporations etc. the list is incredible and the future will make all of our heads spin and life will be significantly better.

David makes it clear that this project is about lifting all boats with this SAFE system, by making everything open source… other projects can take advantage of the Maidsafe libraries to make their own projects better.

So yes, it’s about working together


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Going to dive into the documentation now.