Do auto-updating file types exist?

In my organisation we have the issue of someone updating a file e.g. PDF. but then of course this file is not updated across our company network, it may be updated in our cloud or on our shared network folder but if different people are using the file from a different location then this becomes an issue.

I was wondering with SAFE if it is possible that when the original file or document is updated, upgraded or edited that the file then be updated across the network.

I guess this would be for public file types and not private.

I am sorry if this sounds naive. But if we could do something like this it would be a HUGE selling point for the business and corporate worlds.

For good reason too

It will be upto the applications and how the file storage is configured for the company. In theory it could be done on a company wide network now anyhow.

One issue is with management and technical specifications the file has to be updated then approved (maybe a few levels) and therein lies the problem. This requires multiple versions to exist at the same time. Its a logistical problem more then a technical one.

SAFE will allow though files to be seen company wide (once the update/approval process is finished) and save the traditional need for the same files to exist on multiple networks/locations.

Thus no need for self updating files to solve the issue, more a reorganisation of storage layout once the company moves to SAFE.

What if it is not a company, what if it is a shared file kind of like Google Drive shared files, but lets say I don’t want to access via location X I want to keep the doc in another location like a web library location and every time the file is updated it just updated across the SAFE Net itself?

Then do that. Its simple just update the file and the APP you use would then update any of the links to that in other files. Many web development tools do that.

It boils down to the applications and the layout of the files chosen. SAFE will do the delivery of the file and allows a single file to be kept instead of multiple places because of network storage layouts requiring that.

tl;dr Under SAFE its possible and will be up to the APP to do it the way you want.

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@goindeep These are very interesting:

First introduced back when we started researching RDF databases and how to keep distributed resources consistent.