DNA Storage for immutable data? Maybe as a "planet backup"

As soon as SAFENet launches, I’m buying shares in companies working on DNA data storage.

Reading the data out is easier. That was done using a high-speed sequencing machine, including to recall specific parts of the files, analogous to random-access memory on a computer. Even a two-fold improvement in DNA reading would make that aspect of the system efficient enough for commercial use, Microsoft thinks.

Writing is slow, so maybe only wrote permanent data?

“It takes $1 and one hour to copy a tube of DNA,” says Ms Leproust. “It may sound high — but if you have in a tube the equivalent of a data centre, you can copy an entire data centre for $1 and one hour

Stable over thousands of years.

Imagine backing up the entire SAFENet in something the size of a sugar cube, storing it in the seed volt… Incase catastrophe wipes out the global network.
Should there be a “backup the planet” node?
The data would all be encrypted, so, it would not cause any data risks.

If it grows too large, we could find a planet to seed with the DNA,… Oh… :thinking:


Sounds like the original planet of the apes movie where there were bunkers with mainframes that stored all of human info and started printing it out on a line printer when some one activated it.

Someone mentioned DNA storage a long while ago and is an interesting concept. But after years it still has to be made into a workable product that I can buy in a store and use. Hopefully it will be available quicker than quantum computers that still cannot always get the right answers. :wink:

Have they solved DNA degradation? How many copies are needed to ensure valid data?

It would fit into the SAFE network as archive node’s storage system.