Displaced ability

I’ve been going through Martin Ford’s Rise of the Robots. Such a good book in my opinion.

It does seem that mindless machines will soon outperform humans in almost every work related task and just as with diasability people, almost everyone will be diplaced and in need of permanent compensation. There will be no buyers for the current system without it.
Goodbye to employee evaluations, that nonsense will be gone finally as there will be no employees and flat groups like coops don’t need it. Really non onecis qualified to evaluate another because it implies understansing we don’t have and the overriding of another’s will and external definition, but soon it will just be selecting robots.

I really like this video. It shows how we as humans might loose jobs to robots.

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I know Ill like it. I keep thinking in all the future squabbles it will be: you paid for that McDonalds with our money!.. we built it! …what did you contribute but misery!.. its ours and we’re taking it back. Universal dole starting at birth needs to be at least 50k a year just to sustain.