Discussions on a member/moderation arising from a now linked topic

Was there a story behind this banning? If someone the forum considered valuable was banned I might be interested as to why?

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Forum is run by a group of mods not MaidSafe. Tonda (bugsbunny avatar) got in a big row with them over their policies and could not contain his anger. He may have made physical threats (certainly was verbally abusive) and was banned. I actually agreed with his points and had a long argument with the mods myself in the same thread, but as I say, the forum isn’t run by MaidSafe so it’s not like there was any kind of censorship coming from them… if that’s what you were worried about? That’s not their style, as you can tell by the ethos and implications underlying the technology they’re building.

I miss that bastard. Tonda was a sprite dude that knew how to get down, funny guy. Unfortunate but I missed all the drama so not sure what to think of it.
That said, I think the mods here are top notch.

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Wow, I know the mods are heavy handed here (surprising considering the nature of the project), but reading those posts with Tonda is something else.


@Ken, with only 7 members “banned” in the years we have been on this forum, I’d say banning is not over used. Obviously spammers are not considered in this discussion.

We do ban when the person makes physical threats against others (and repeats them) and/or against the project/team. Bans are not decided quickly either, a member has to work at being banned.

To see who is banned or suspended then see this topic.

Unnecessary censorship (aka splitting topics) and over moderation can cause people to lash out.

Good luck to everyone with your endeavours inside and out of Maidsafe, this place isn’t for me.


You’re not here long enough.

But there is a reason for “split” moderation. They do incredibly well done keeping topic on hand, and easy to find. It is not a messy unlike reddit or other forums.

Give it some time. It will grow on you and you’ll soon to love it. :slight_smile:

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Maidsafe does pay the bills which technically does make this their forum. There is also not much of a community consensus on choice of moderators which voids any claim of this being a community run forum. Where that leaves the community I don’t know.

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