Discussions about marketing - forked from trading thread

I wonder if the team will expand now with the price being a pretty penny higher than months ago—which would either get the Network out even faster, or be spent superfluously on marketing again :smiley: . Although, not too far down the road, the latter will be truly needed.

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In lieu of hiring a marketing team at this time, I’d happily volunteer my time if @maidsafe would allocate what it would spend on a marketing team to funding marketing initiatives (e.g. exchange listings, third-party Dev support, contests, social media support, etc.).


@dirvine please take up her offer and make it official!


Let’s get a working test-net going before throwing money on marketing, like earlier attempts.

Let’s have a marketing strategy, when it will be needed, on what to achieve, in what time, with what resources and how to meassure results of that strategy.

It would be a good time to raise funds for listings. When test-net succeed then price spikes, 50k Maid might become $100k and give access to premium listings.

We need strategy and timing.


Agreed. Marketing without a product is just not sustainable


This wouldn’t be like earlier attempts b/c a large portion of the marketing spend from prior attempts went to overhead (I.e. paying people).

@harvindar, have you ever professionally worked as a marketing or brand strategist?


I think we should think about this ‘marketing’ more prudently. Is it really needed?


100% agree with you. Im afraid this is not the best time for marketing.


Does the earth revolve around the sun?


It depends on what kind of marketing is useful for every current moment. “Exchange listings, third-party Dev support, contests, social media support, etc.” The first two sound good. But maybe not contests, unless they’re bounties. And I’d guess not bother with social media support; but most things to are to be considered mainly depending on what comes out of the next Dev Update or three. IMO even more engineers should take priority, though there are only so many you can hire probably? before maybe the productivity doesn’t increase as much as it could per engineer (I’ll never be a CEO, so I don’t know for sure).

Contests would reward developers for building Safe dApps, finding bugs, etc. I would have said hackathons, but figured people would get skittish.


It was almost 200 th, now its 99th. it looks good. isn’t it?


I’m afraid that even that third-party dev support is not a good marketing strategy I guess. Application developers will develop when it is lucrative to do so. In order to make it lucrative, we need privacy and performane and resiliencency of the network. So, How much core dev team furfilled promises of safenetwork is a single factor affecting whether app developers will develop on safenetwork or not.


No. And your point here is?

Regarding marketing, I am all with @Dimitar - we need ERC-20 token before anything alse.
We also need to remember marketing is not a pure good for price since spending 1 BTC means selling 100 000 MAID first to get 1 BTC.

At the moment we have no budget for any of these things. Not that we possibly cannot come up with something on an as needed basis. We are really 100% focused on purely launch and everything that needs from a technical view. We do ofc need to look at a budget here, but honestly every single waking second is code right now and the focus required is very serious.


How would you react if you read something like this in a weekly report?

"As you know, MaidSafe held its funds in three main forms - BTC, MAID, and fiat. Since the price of both BTC and MAID tripled in the last three months, our runway got longer by a factor of three. In the last MAID bull-run, we acquired more fiat than we need for the next X months of the company’s expected expenditures. That itself allowed us to reduce the speed we are introducing MAID on the sell-side of the market by a factor of three. We also believe MAID price will be much higher after soon-to-be-ready public testnet, therefore we have decided to stop selling MAID for prices under 2500 sat, or $0,80. All we need now is to sell our BTC very slowly.

If you share the enthusiasm with us, vote for your favorite project with your money and help us to spread a message that SAFE Network is coming."

Sorry to all the native speakers for my pretend-to-be-good english. :smiley:


The problem with the word “marketing” is that the layperson equates it to just “promotion”.
But that is just one tiny sliver of what marketing is, that’s the tip of the iceberg.
That is as incomplete as thinking that computer science is all about coding, it isn’t, is it?
It is part of the toolkit, but it is not the whole field.

Sotros is the only seasoned professional marketer in this forum, as far as I know, with way more experience than me in this area. Her empirical experience supersedes my theoretical knowledge.
So when she speaks, I listen. I hope you guys get the wisdom in that.

Decision by committee is a waste of time, especially when the opinions are coming from those who aren’t specialized in the subject. Does it matter what my opinion is? No. Why? Because I neither have the experience nor the data. She does.

We have this bias, we tend to underestimate the things we either don’t understand or don’t care, and just because we subjectively think it doesn’t matter we equate it to being objectively irrelevant. When in fact that tiny dismissed fact might be of crucial importance.
It could be condensed into: “If I don’t get it or I don’t think it matters, it is because it is superfluous and pointless.”
The perception of relevance is tricky: either you know to perceive its irrelevance, or you don’t know to perceive its relevance. The subjective gut feeling will be exactly the same in both cases. To break from this stalemate, you have to know to rely on experts.

If we can’t accept that there are areas of expertise beyond our areas understanding, we are doomed as individuals and certainly doomed for any commercial enterprise.


Anyone wants i still have dugs personal number :pray:

Tesla nearly went bankrupt but the stock price has soared 190+ times since. I hope this project can achieve similar marvel. Build a product that wow the crowd, profit will come.