Discussion why a certain member had their post hidden in the dev update

I don´t see a problem with asking what is “wrong” with anything.

This is not a cause for any problems… if we can have access to information we are entitled to asking questions too, right?

So I guess the obvious next step is what happened: an answer “There is someone who is sick but due to individual privacy we will not go into much detail”

I don´t think this is drama.

The problem is mainly how he asks the questions. He is not just looking for information. It has a purpose. It feels malicious…

As David said, let’s not delve into people’s private lives. We have information on who is working on the project and who is not. Why he doesn’t work is his personal business. What do you care if he doesn’t work because he is sick or because he has a sick family member or because he has decided to change jobs and become a shepherd? The important thing is that he is not working on the project…


The person is a trader trolling the forum to create doubt in David and the dev team.

It is malicious way to manipulate people so they can manipulate the market.

If he did not have a year or more long history of doing this again and again then it’d have been left. But this is just another attack on David and the team to try and destroy the project or the value of the coin.

The information could have been sought by a reasonable question expecting not to be told any reasons. Why not ask Elon why his CFO was away for a week after 7 days. Expect to be stonewalled and maybe even told to … off.


Moved to meta since this is about what happens on the forum regarding a forum member


Thank you for explaining!