Discussion on the political/coercive pressures on Safe users and how they might be averted

This topic is for the discussion of political threats that exist now or may exist in the future and how users of the Safe Network might individually or collectively deal with them.


I’d like to begin with this:

What do people think about the prospect of black and white market safecoins? These FATF regs are going to be a crypto game changer IMO … but having no blockchain, I suspect that the regs are going to be nearly impossible to comply with on SAFE … am I wrong?

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Interesting podcast from let’s talk Bitcoin about currency controls on the USD as global reserve currency. One conclusion was that attempts to stop ‘bad’ counties from trading had weakened the currency, as other currencies have been used instead.

If they start trying to stop some crypto accounts being used, it may have a similar effect and push more trade to the black market. It may also encourage currencies which are hard to track for obvious reasons.

Listen to LTBE406 Hyperinflation, Official, and HODL Currencies (or, “Incentives are Destiny”) by Let’s Talk Bitcoin! on #SoundCloud