Discussion on reducing the trust level requirements of the Price & Trading topic

I didn’t see any vote, and I certainly don’t agree with cluttering up this forum with reddit style price nonsense. Please don’t speak for me or others who didn’t know our silence was your license to push to change everything.

This place is getting a little too price happy, and that’s never a good thing in my opinion. Why is it so important that newbs get to FUD or HYPE here? I thought you wanted to do a Reddit push. Believe me, you’ll get all the newb FUD and HYPE you need over there.

Quite happy with that personally. No idea how others feel.

There’s no reason the forum can’t react again if things don’t work out. We should not be afraid of change or experimentation for fear of not being able to go backwards if we want.

We’re just talking about removing censorship from this thread, not cluttering up the rest of the forum? One man’s clutter is another’s gem anyway. :wink:


The poll is right here:

  1. Not as I know (if you’re referring to Maid I think you’re wrong. You can speak free about price on Reddit and here. As I know, limiting you topic about price until you reach level 2 is not censorship)

  2. Success is a worldwide spread of the idea by concrete results of the project (thanks to solid ideas and team) in my opinion. As you said, I have my reasons for not having invested in EMC2.

  3. I think that EMC2 has been exposed too much to price speculation. Everyone was talking about price and nobody about core and idea of the project. Marketing team’s strategy was totally a disaster in my opinion and the result they owned was just speculation of the price

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The one thing that is no longer discussed in this thread is Price & Trading. The latest topic of discussion is dominating this thread and is off-topic. Could the @moderators please move these posts somewhere else like “Discussion of the Merits of a Censor-Free Price & Trading Thread”? I don’t care what you call it, but for those of us who actually enjoy reading others’ thoughts on price and trading, this is getting old.


Speak for you? If you followed the thread you would easily see the poll.
I spoke for myself and myself alone the rest participated in a vote.
If you read the thread you would also see that I specifically said I dont want fud or nonsense what I WANT is to stop preventing good dialogue with good people who are turned away by restrictions to prevent a few bad actors.
Its cutting your nose off to spite your face.

Dont assume you know my motivation without reading the thread!


Yeah, I voted to reduce the requirement to Level 1 but on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say the importance of the question is about 3 or 4. We should move on.


Bullshit. I do follow the thread, but when it balloons with off-topic bilge, such as this, I tune out. I’m about to tune out again, actually.

You liike the way I’m talking to you? Get used to it. I learned this from reddit, which is what you want this forum to become. I’ll adapt that mode of discussion here for you, don’t worry.

Ill ignore you as i do other trolls from here on out. Thats probably why I have the ability to let others participate.
Good day to you Tom.


Guys, stay calm! :wink:
Everyone can explain his position without getting angry. Just let mods decide and eventually make a poll :sunglasses:

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Ouch monsieur. :astonished:

Your button is bigger than mine. :wink:


We need to be an open forum that does not shut people out. Safe network is for everyone. We need many more new members and supporters. Blocking new people out of the price chat can prevent newcomers from taking a more active role. Speculation and searching are often the way new investors first come into Maidsafecoin and this project. Later they become supporters and marketers to other investors.


A great article - “Well-Kept Gardens Die By Pacifism

It is about censorship, freedom of speech and openness and why it is necessary to defend ourselves.

Good online communities die primarily by refusing to defend themselves.

Somewhere in the vastness of the Internet, it is happening even now. It was once a well-kept garden of intelligent discussion, where knowledgeable and interested folk came, attracted by the high quality of speech they saw ongoing. But into this garden comes a fool, and the level of discussion drops a little—or more than a little, if the fool is very prolific in their posting. (It is worse if the fool is just articulate enough that the former inhabitants of the garden feel obliged to respond, and correct misapprehensions—for then the fool dominates conversations.)

I recommend to give the article a read.

Of course this will not mean that I think we will follow down the same path since the moderators here are doing imo a great job. But still it is worth consideration.


His premise that we want any community to be ‘fun or it dies’ is obviously right. What’s up for discussion here is whether or not opening up a single, censored price discussion thread makes it more or less fun? Banter from newcomers and more fresh blood makes things more fun imo. I don’t see how it impinges on the rest of the forum or threatens the community? And it is a simple thing to turn on or off it turns out to be a cancerous thread.

Also, his priority is protecting the community. I contend that this community WILL die/change beyond recognition regardless when the numbers swell, you simply can’t maintain this kind of atmosphere with tens of thousands of people around. The purpose of the community should not be self-preservation, it should be to serve the needs and interests of the Network.


And so ends the discussion… moved to Meta as always so no one else sees it and no fresh eyes get on it.

When you kill every discussion by putting in to meta you infuriate the people on this forum who disagree with you and want it discussed OPENLY. Give it its own thread to keep things on-topic, but moving it here is unacceptable and really highlights everything that’s wrong with this mod-archy.

Ok then fine, create a comfortable little echo chamber for yourselves and screw what SAFE needs. You guys get to decide what’s best and what discussions you’ll squash.

That really is the final straw for me. This forum is a dead end and a waste of my time if it is to be managed without the interests of the Network put front and centre.

You will keep losing people and you will not attract users at anything like the rate you could.



@Jabba I think we all want to build a vibrant and active community, but at the same time we don’t need to rush. All in good time. Maid is different from other projects, we are still in early stage and maybe this is not the right moment to open to people who are just interested on speaking about price.

I discovered this community with all the restrictions activated and I think that these helped me to explore several interesting and informative topics before writing here. I think we don’t need people right now shilling on project, we need people enthusiastic and informed about it. I don’t exclude in future to open here a price topic with no restrictions to traders and investors.

On the other hand, as I wrote previously, speaking about price with awareness is not bad at all. Moreover we need to use better all socials we have right now and Reddit seems to be the fastest on messaging. So what about using it as an entry point? What about using it for speaking free about price and so on?
You can just make an experiment: use Reddit as a funny entry point for new people while this as a deeply informative forum.
Just as a chain, Reddit should be the first block while Safenetforum the second one.
This cooperation could benefit all the community attracting people and eventually informing them deeply
Let me know what you think about :wink:


Another thing to look at is maybe if the visibility of topics like Meta is enough like it is now. And if not, what are the ways to improve this, if any.

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@jabba old friend, if you say “do what I want or else I leave”, rather than advocate for those changes and accept the process, you come across as manipulative and bullying

We all react when we feel strongly, so I hope that’s all this is, but it does lose my respect and willingness to listen.

I’m much more interested when people present evidence and reason. You’ve done that to an extent, but it has not been clear to me whether or not the change you support will have the effect you expect. I don’t think we can know TBH, whether letting more people post here will encourage or discourage newcomers.

BTW You are no doubt aware that meta discussions happen off the front page so as to keep the topics which visitors see relevant, and more interesting to new visitors. So complaining about this being moved to meta, after a reasonable time to get seen IMO, is also complaining about a policy designed to encourage joiners.

I have not argued either way on the proposition by @Josh and did not vote because I don’t know what the effect will be either way and I’m not even sure it matters that much. I don’t think the effect justifies the level of feeling you’ve shown here, so I think that may be about the more general issue of how this forum community is run.

I can’t help connect that with you suggesting the forum be shut down recently.

There have always been people who wanted to change how things are done here, and there are mechanisms to advocate for that, and it has always been open for somebody to put forward a better way to run this forum, and put it to the whole community in enough detail to vote on. But no matter how strongly they felt nobody has seriously attempted to do that. So we are where we are, and most people seem content with that most of the time. The forum has grown continually for over four years, now accelerating, and is the biggest resource both of past posts and responses to new enquiries that the whole project has.

I don’t see the big deal on this topic/OP though, one way or the other. I probably wasn’t a mod by the time it became restricted, so I don’t recall the issues @neo highlighted as reasons for that happening. But prior to that I do remember the kind of sh*t mods had to take from people that wanted no moderation (not yourself, in fact a very few) but they would have damaged this community and the project rather than see a moderated forum. For example I was deleting child porn from the forum at that time and one mod was physically threatened in response to what I thought was very reasonable question.

This project is a target for various reasons, and I’m confident that we would not have a successful forum at all without moderators. We have a process for moderating that works well IMO, having seen it from inside, and now for a couple of years outside too.

I’m sure there are ways it can be improved, but by definition, changes have to come by working through what is already in place, and that also requires that we have to accept the process and the outcomes.


i follow maidsafe from begin 2017. I come to this topic 2 month ago. I think i have level 1. But not possible to give my point on every discussion…I think level 1 could be ok.

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