Discussion on reducing the trust level requirements of the Price & Trading topic

Please discuss the possibility of reducing the trust level requirements of the Price & Trading topic in this topic.

With all the talk about marketing in other threads I can not help but feel that the restrictions to this thread are a hindrance.
Personally I like that we do not have a ton of when moon, when lambo, fud and nonsense due to strict guidelines.
But, the point of entry into other topics is intimidating to many less technical folk and I feel it leaves them lurking or turns them away from interacting with the community and this thread could and should be a entry point for people who come here through crypto channels.
If they are able to participate and feel part of this group instead of us seeming like a bunch of snobs they may stick around and learn a bit more and actually get involved.

I may be completely wrong and that’s fine too, but to gauge others opinions.
A little poll.

(To point out the obvious if adding the two votes to reduce the trust level beats remaining level 2 it should be considered a single vote to downgrade by 1 level. But @moderators its in your hands)

Should this thread:

  • Remain trust level 2
  • Change to level 1
  • Open to all

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On the one hand it always feels nice to be a part of an exclusive club and I do believe that there should be some restrictions placed on this thread. However, I’ve always found it somewhat ironic that as proponents of free expression we practice this form of censorship here. My two cents.


I don’t see that as at all ironic, as enabling free expression doesn’t equate to making all communication channels a free for all. That would be very counter productive & remove the freedom to have targeted discussion & not be spammed.

I think the restriction may be partially because some of the mods are part of the MaidSafe company (correct me if this is wrong!). If so, they may have some responsibility over any channels they moderate, so need to be careful about anything that could be seen as investment advice etc.

If it wasn’t for this, I’d suggest making it a another thread thats a free-for all MAID trading & related (could be a lot of fun), but perhaps that’d need to be done on another forum / platform if there’s demand?

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Absolutely agree and have thought so since it was initiated.

yes, yes and yes!

Right or wrong probably depends on what you want. I think a bit of drama and some arguments are good for a community to drive engagement and create stronger relationships/tribes within it etc. Others disagree and think calm and order are better ways to get growth, inclusion and engagement.

I also dislike the profanity filter myself fwiw.


AFAIK incorrect. Mods are community members and mods become mods based on the current mods approval, there is no community notification until approved mod is in said position. But my post here will probably be hidden to meta because it is off topic in this thread.

EDIT:. To add, Francis is the admin and now works for Maidsafe, also Maidsafe pays the bills which I think would make Maidsafe responsible for ALL the content on this forum.


I feel that it may not be a good decision to open this community up to all the tom dick and harrys to start emotionally throwing price speculation around in this thread.

Safecoin is still in early development - this is not going to attract big money and big pumps like many other projects as of right now. This is NOT the coin for quick 10x profits however much anyone wants it to be.

We are still at a pioneering stage and the community members are pioneers venturing into unknown territory with a good degree of faith (I do not mean blind belief).
The settlers WILL come later. The time for riches and abundance will come later.

Once the SHORT-TERM price becomes more important that the project itself it will be a spiraling force downwards for all of us. I do not think this will happen to this community but I´d rather not give it a chance to take root.

Opening ourselves completely up to the outside hysteria (new members) we can inadvertently get ourselves caught up in it.

People, do not lose yourself in this money mania that is currently happening. Breathe in and breathe out and see that it is all a changing phenomenon. We are here for the long term and we shall reap many more benefits because of our patience than our short term friends.

If someone cannot contain themself emotionally with all the gains they see in other Altcoins (similar to Maid or not) then maybe they should invest a bit in some of them to bring their FOMO emotionality down. Otherwise they inadvertently start soiling the whole atmosphere here with regret, wanting, dissatisfaction etc and that is just not beneficial for us here.


F yeah! -and also, why 20 char?


To be clear price is not my motivation.
My motivation is to engage a wider audience that are not likely to engage (at first) in other threads.
Everyone is talking about marketing, Maidsafe included hence the new hires.

But we turn people looking for/at us away??
Its ridiculous in my opinion. Allow the folk who can test the network with level one in at the very least.

Some may fud, but how many good ones do we lose to keep the thread sterile?


Was it the price speculation part he was referring to only?

Agree with you 100% no need to turn anyone away and encouraging new people is the priority but at what point does a go-zillion traders and FUD monkeys swinging there wears into the forum benefit things more than it harms it?

I’m agreeing with what your saying but this place would become a sad free-for-all if this topic opened up to level 1. I guess I’d be better off asking, where’s the line in the sand? Maybe there isn’t one? it’s a tough one :thinking:


If there had been the level 2 rule in 2015 then I very much doubt I ever would have discovered much about SAFE. I’m more investor and evangelist than trader now, but back then I was testing the waters in everything and the way I discovered what MAID really is was when I started trading it and felt I need to understand the underlying asset better. That’s how I fell down the rabbit hole and how many others would too if they’d stumbled in to it through conversations in this thread. Profit is a huge incentive for people to do work/research. This thread would be the first port of call for many, some of them do have shallow incentives and perceptions regarding the network, but some of them will also get deeper when they understand more about what is being done here.

I don’t see any big downside in having to wade through a few morons here and there. In fact I find forums more compelling when there is some shallow, off-topic banter and a few rows. Accessibility matters much more than controlling/sterilising the social experience users have imo.

I would also like to see much less stuff chucked in to off-topic and meta etc myself… while we’re on the subject :wink:


Playing Devils advocate, (you know this joint inside out), if you were arriving on the forum today what answers to what questions (in relation to this topic) could you not find already by taking the time to read through the years of info already on here and therefore work your way towards level 2? If this was questions relating to say the technical aspects of the project I get it but it’s price/trading so yeah help me out with my thinking here Jabba :slight_smile:

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We are more than capable of defending ourselves and the project from fudsters. Dialogue is what matters.

Exactly, I am certain many of us arrived here through crypto!!!


Because it is through casual banter and interaction that they develop the incentive and get prompted to find out more. Otherwise they just walk away with their assumptions and having had no voice in here they don’t get stimulated enough to look elsewhere. You need an avenue for those people. In IOTA they made a seperate ‘speculation’ slack channel to get it out of development and network feature stuff etc, but they didn’t cut anyone’s access to that topic. Lots of people from there end up looking at the other channels once they’ve become invested in the coin or community in some way.


Yes, and in fact this is how we prove ourselves as legit to the community. Censoring them in here just looks like we’re scared and weak, unable to defend ourselves. It doesn’t send a good signal imo.


I like this idea :+1:


Well that should be what this thread is about really imo. Just move price stuff from other threads to here, but don’t censor this place or cut access to it - we can have one thread full of speculator drivel can’t we? Those that don’t like it don’t need to check the thread.


As it stands the vote is 70% in favor of reducing the level.
hard to ignore. @moderators what say you?


Sure, thanks for raising the issue. We will discuss and get back asap


As what @JPL says. The major problem is what the reason for restricting the topic was for in the first place.

We regularly get traders wanting to use emotional tactics (FUD/boom) and they are easy to spot because they post in other areas and we pick them up real quick and the number is significant still. But by reducing to level 1 we increase the ability of these to make this primarily SAFE tech forum into a price & trading forum. Yes I know its in this topic. But do you really want a multiplication of the FUD/boom talk and be more like hype projects? Its a valid question and I pose it without suggesting an answer.

I know the argument that if we open up this topic to more people then this becomes a first port of call and they move onto other areas of the project. Honestly, they can read this topic, they can post in reddit, so personally I think if they are going to get into SAFE then they will be reading this topic then the rest of the forum.

This forum was about the tech of SAFE, not the price&trading of MAID. The poll above did not include everyone and only those already interested in price&trading, so it has a worse bias than most commercial polls. It was definitely a biased Poll.