Discussion of Covid-19 information (No holds barred)

In my field, the educated individual can FAR exceed the experienced worker within 6 months. So the answer to your question is…it depends…

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And I’m not saying all uneducated people are “idiots”. Also, education and experience are not mutually exclusive.

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Frankly, people who claim that education is overrated have never aspired to obtain a job which proves them wrong.

Maybe all the people with degrees working in fast food chains would disagree with that statement.

Out of curiosity who here has claimed education is overrated?

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I thought Allan Savory explained the issue perfectly in under 2 minutes. Thank you @knosis for posting this.

I don’t equate intelligence with educational achievement - In my experience, often the more ‘prestigious’ the university, the less critical thinking is encouraged. ‘Learn by rote and regurgitate’ seems to be the the general theme. I don’t measure success in life with money either - but there is a reason why many entrepreneurs have amassed huge wealth but not many certificates, and why many people with degrees haven’t. The scientific method has its strengths but it is well known that many breakthroughs have occurred specifically due to deviation…

Regarding the selection of certain scientific experts over others during the planned pandemic - aside from those directly on the payroll - funding for universities is threatened if the governmental narrative is not adhered to, leading to a culture of silence amongst many in the field who actually disagree. There are still many courageous individuals who have stepped up to counter the narrative, though they are only locatable on alternative platforms. The formation of the world doctors alliance is great progress.

I forsee a very challenging winter. I think SARS-Cov-2 was developed in a lab specifically to interact with the subsequent injections and that the accelerated immune response will be triggered by re-exposure during the next ‘flu season’ - which year after year is actively encouraged by the injection regimen anyway. This year is another level.
These are my opinions based on the facts I am presented with. Personally I need to start focusing on preparing for what I sense is approaching.
I wish the Safe network had been ready. I think the internet will be crashed out in what will effectively constitute a new burning of the Alexandria library. I have no idea what will happen with crypto except that it depends on operable computers, and the financial reorganisation following the premeditated collapse won’t leave much room for manoeuvre - I hear privacy coins are the most viable options. I know someone personally who converted all their assets to monero years ago specifically in preparation for what is fast approaching.
More and more people around the world are increasingly aware - Its too late in the day to be trying to convince anyone that there are some serious shifts about to occur. It takes too much time and energy and there is a lot to organise in a short space of time. If there is still relative calm between September 7th and November 25th that will be a bonus.

It would be a relief to be proved wrong about these predictions… No need to try - only time will tell.

The facility for mind control is extending beyond perception management - the impact of nanotech on neural circuitry is no laughing matter. When war of the worlds was first aired it had thousands panicking. The next showing will utilise 7d holograms, MMW radiation and neural hacking. I hear the subsequent production will involve a fake ‘saviour’. Perhaps another reason the jabs are so heavily pushed is that aside from their role as depopulation agents, the ‘blue beam’ performances won’t be as convincing without the correct tech…the injectable forms are still more sophisticated than their counterparts…

After people began putting magnets on their shot sites - a story emerged in the uk that neodymium magnets were facing a ban due to children swallowing them? Anyone magnet fishing with strong ND magnets knows that they have to be stored properly in transit as they can seriously affect a cars electronic system. Perhaps magnets impede the function of nano processors. That would be good.

As for the silicone based AI - or ‘morgellons’ - present in the mass produced masks and PCR swabs - injesting ACV - can’t hurt and might help. A former member of the Carnicom Institute stated a pinch of sodium borate in water as another possibility but obviously that comes with its own associated risks. And I don’t know of anything yet that can deal with Hydrogel…
The interview is here at 11.11

… and it’s gone.

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Wow, this article is full of interesting statements.

High-Ranking Chinese Defector Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of Several Chinese Special Weapons Programs

“China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that it originally came from a lab.”

“DIA leadership believes there are Chinese spies or sources inside the FBI, CIA, and several other federal agencies.”

Another interesting article:

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Professor Boyle was banned from speaking on all msm platforms at the end of 2019 for publicly discussing his views on the BSL4 laboratory origins of SARS-CoV-2 - it seems now that the time has been deemed right for this information to circulate more widely, but I do take note that the same sinophobic rhetoric is often employed, largely as a diversionary tactic to ensure that the contrived pandemic is not perceived as a globally coordinated effort on behalf of the architects of the NWO… that said the article posted above from epoch times does address the issue of direct US funding…so truth is making positive progress…


Anyone else heard about this? Video [4m 31s]

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This flu season is going to be interesting :thinking:


Thankfully there are more and more people everywhere uniting in determination to create a better future than the one planned for us by a cluster of despicable cranks…their end game is not in the least bit guaranteed and is heavily dependent on maintaining total perception management along the way - I can see that this is already beginning to slip through their grasp. Whilst there may still be lines of unfortunate, willing victims presenting themselves for a syringe full or two of final solution - there are also a rapidly increasing number of people everywhere waking up to the lies and actively rejecting all or any further jabs…

There are some more highly contrived practical challenges ahead - but I think our propensity for cooperation been massively underestimated. The depopulation targets are dependent on repeated, multiple doses, securing continued compliance and maintaining the illusion that the scripted scenarios are unplanned. Thankfully the facade is crumbling quickly and resistance is fertile…

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Video: Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist with Crimes Connected to Suppressing Ivermectin

Dipali Ojha, head of the Indian Bar Association’s team that crafted the Legal Notice, details the alleged criminal acts in which the World Health Organization’s chief scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan engaged, some of which carry penalties up to life imprisonment or death.

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Pretty obvious to some but good to see it’s being looked into.

Looks like mr trump was right.

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Now the r rate is relevant again :joy: just in time for more restrictions


We need some sort of Cincinnatus moment from those in power, but yet once again it seems governments are loathe to relinquish emergency powers. And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said…

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This should have been the case from the very beginning, as it has been for however long before this all kicked off! As we know “covid hospital admissions” up until now included anyone who tested positive regardless of whether they were in hospital for something else. Looks to me they are now doing this to make it look like it’s all down to vaccines. similar tactics in the US.


And who is protecting Dazak now. WHO exactly


The Eban article (of all places in Vanity fair) linked to from that last link is incredibly interesting, in depth, and well researched. Worth anyone looking over this thread’s time.

I thought you had to quarantine for 10 days after flying in from an amber country? I guess some animals really are more important than others. ANYONE following orders from these clowns needs a serious manual evaluation. Go out don’t social distance, take your mask off and live your life. These lot don’t seem to scared do they and quite a few of them are in the vulnerable category due to their age. Don’t let these self serving wannabe dictators tell you how to live your life anymore. 21st June this has to end or it never will :lying_face::lying_face::lying_face: