Discussion of Covid-19 information (No holds barred)


Here we go again :man_facepalming:t3:

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Close the Curry houses

Hmmm, well it looks like many here who thought they were pro-vaxx, are now anti-vaxx … if they are to accept Miriam-Webster’s new update to the definition:

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has changed their definition of ‘anti-vaxxer’ to include

‘people who oppose laws that mandate vaccination’.

Welcome to 1984. This is The Ministry of Truth. pic.twitter.com/a62lBOCJDj

— ZUBY: (@ZubyMusic) May 12, 2021

The dictionary entry says that the first use of the word/term was 2009 and was the definition above (current definition) so it seems Merriam-Webster has always considered it as that.

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So would you be classed as an anti-vaxxer @neo or do you agree with mandatory vaccinations?

Surprise, surprise. Another misleading social media “fact.”

If I vote for the state to give you the right to go unvaccinated according your own whims, will you vote for the state to give me the right to exterminate anybody who I think might be carrying a contagious disease according to my whims?

I’m all for giving people the freedom to do as they please if they feel they pose no threat to me. But in that case, if I feel they do pose a threat, I also want the freedom to defend myself as I please.

This doesn’t mean I’m necessarily for mandatory vaccination or Wild West style gun fights. What I’m saying is these are not questions that can be isolated from all other questions.

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Does the vaccine stop the spread? If not I’d still pose a risk. If you are vaccinated and it works what are you worried about?


I’m no biologist, and I have no idea about that. What I do know is I don’t want to feel threatened. Do you?

I certainly don’t and especially not by my own government if it tries to mandate a vaccine on me that is still in the trials phase.


It seems we are in agreement then.

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It looks like we are. A pair of anti-vaxxers according to the above depiction.


Well, you still didn’t answer my first question, though.

This question? My answer would be no I was born unvaccinated and it should be my choice to decide what is or isn’t inserted in my body. The state should never have any say in what is best for me if I am of sound body and mind. Why do the vaccinated care so much about the unvaccinated anyway? Aren’t they protected? Surely it would only be the unvaccinated contracting the disease?


See, that’s where my real problem starts. If you want your freedom, I want mine too. Quid pro quo.

No. I’m afraid you’re misinformed. Also, all corpses stink, and I don’t want extra ones lying around the streets. I don’t care whose they are.

I agree with some of what you say, in principle. In practice, I still want to defend myself. I may be misinformed too, or maybe one of us is not “of sound body and mind”. Who is to say? The point is, if I feel threatened, I will act to remove the threat as best I can. Personally, I think vaccines would be a nicer way than shootouts.

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Surely forcing vaccinations can not be classed as defense, its an attack on others liberty.


Who is trying to take yours away? If you don’t feel safe in my company because I’m not vaccinated leave. If I don’t feel safe in yours for whatever reason I will leave. I know the risks of the world and I would like the choices of my exposure to those risks to be my decision.

I feel threatened by the potential side effects of the vaccine so am acting to remove the threat the best way I can by not having it. I’m not going to go round coughing and sneezing on people so just let me go about my business please without branding me like some kind of leper with no vaccination status certification.


Moral arguments, classifications and definitions of liberty can be had in philosophy class. What we have here is not an argument to me. We feel threatened by opposite things and thus have a conflict. Such are resolved differently. I’m having my first (voluntary) vaccine dose on Monday. Let’s hope it goes well and I don’t have a bad reaction. It’s late here. Good night.