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Your lacking biblical knowledge my friend or you would understand why satanism (satan) is perfectly ok with atheism:


I never mentioned anything about the Bible.

That is exactly the problem :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Anyway this starting to go the way of a theological discussion and that is not what this thread is for.

What does the Bible have to do with the description of what Satanists believe? I was already fully aware that most Christians think atheists are going to hell, whether they are Satanists or not.

We are getting nowhere, so we better stop this discussion, I surrender.

This is a very interesting question.

I consider Neville Goddard to have provided the best interpretation of the bible I have ever encountered. He rejected all church protocol and said that the ancient scriptures had been misunderstood as secular history - he described it as salvation history and stated that the old testament was a prophetic blueprint of the new. Neville talked at length about the ancient name of God being ‘I AM’, present within us as the human imagination - that we are all God - a compound unity - pure love but sound asleep and crucified on these human bodies - on a journey to remember our own divinity and that eventually we all will. If that hasnt been achieved in this lifetime, the cycle continues until it is. Much of Neville’s work on what he described as ‘The Law’ has been utilised as the basis for LOA movements exclusively interested in manifesting material wealth. This was meant to be understood in conjunction with ‘The Promise’ which is far more focused on the internal progress towards reaching the state in which we remember that we really are God.

The Law - use of I AM and the imagination to manifest results - is something the elitists are particularly well versed in. But they obviously do not yet understand that all the power they have is granted to them by God within. Essentially we are all one, and eventually they will recognise this. As I said earlier - they have an extremely unenviable journey ahead of them.

As far as I can tell, they have developed their own dogma by fusing a number of vile doctrines. These form the basis of their heavily promoted ‘New World Religion’. Their horrific deities are literally man made - Evil exists at the other end of the spectrum to Good - its human free will in action but in essence God playing all the parts. This isnt to say that the negativity doesnt become manifest - the red hat sect of tibetan buddhism was always quite invested in the conscious creation of ‘evil spirits’…along with pedophilia, - the ritualised abuse and bloodletting advocated and practised by followers of this grotesque concoction of red hat sect tibetan buddhism, sabbatean-frankism, Jesuitism and Luciferianism is far beyond horrific. And yet people are surprised that its self proclaimed elitist adherents wish to kill off most of the worlds population? And are in the process of succeeding?

They cannot destroy God. They may be able to dispatch alot of people to the next part of their journey - but ultimately they themselves will eventually die too. I consider death as an illusion - that we die here but do not remain dead. Leaving our mortal bodies behind, it is an ongoing process to finally awaken and realise our own immortal divinity. The suffering encountered on the way is tremendous. But thankfully, it is not infinite…

Neville Goddard had a genuine experiential understanding of these concepts which as yet still far exceeds my own - as its now the early hours of the morning, I will include a link to his last ever lecture given in 1972 called ‘God and I are One’. Thanks to 100kwatt for uploading a number to youtube - There are over 100 more available on the archive.org, listed alphabetically under ‘Neville Goddard Audio’…

Thanks for all the info. I will listen to the youtube tomorrow, very interesting :+1:t2:

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I can see that followers of the relatively newly created church of satan consider themselves atheists in their rejection of God although they have formed such an attachment to satan as a symbol they do seem to be suffering from idolatry…

satanism precedes the creation of the church of satan, and there are most certainly committed, and self identifying theistic satanists still very much in existence. Those who truly do believe in satan as a deity. Not all atheistic satanists subscribe to the church of satan protocols. Adherents of both forms are known to engage in horrendous ritual abuses. The RAINS list is real. SRA - satanic ritual abuse - is formally recognised as a crime. Tragically, little is done to dismantle its networks because so many of the perpetrators occupy senior positions in the policing and legal system, the military, politics, corporations, local government, the education system, charities, media, religious organisations and of course the aristocracy. Labelling this kind of atrocity simply ‘satanic’ in all instances, whilst loosely correct is a dangerous simplification. It diverts attention away from the easily identifiable international Invisible sect freemasonic ritual abuse networks and their repackaged hollywood franchise.

A genuinely horrendous concoction of red hat sect tibetan buddhism, sabbatean-frankism, jesuitism and Luciferianism can not be described as simply ‘satanic’ - though it does contain strong elements of theistic satanism.

Luciferians and satanists can and will continue to argue over their differences, respectively and in opposition to one another. Like all religions. Even those that refuse to be labelled religions. It is a complex disagreement between two strikingly similar doctrines - this article provides a simplistic overview…I’ve put the link in brackets as I dont want to promote the imagery…same goes for this ABC on theistic satanism…
(Theistic Satanism - Wikipedia)
(Luciferians and Satanists Have Similarities but Are Not the Same)

From my perspective, Both lucifer and satan as deities, or even anti deities are clearly human constructs. Interestingly, the translations of the hebrew term for satan in the old testament are variously ‘adversary’ or ‘one who resists’ and ‘doubt’ - the organised Jewish religion only recognises one God and considers his only opponent to be man. The organised Christian religion also only recognises one God but still seems to promote the concept of deistic duality, which is confusing to say the least. Personally I believe there is only one God. That in essence we are all one - God as a compound unity…

I have found Neville Goddard to have provided the most helpful interpretation of the Old & New testament as found in the Bible. It is an amazing library in one small book…Neville once said, when asked 'who wrote the bible that the great fire of alexandria destroyed many of the cross referenceable texts, but there is a good reason why there are similar archetypes in existence in global religions throughout history. I really havent done his answer in 1948 justice - he said this -

31. Question: Who wrote the Bible?

Answer: "The Bible was written by intelligent men who used solar and phallic myths to reveal psychological truths. But we have mistaken their allegory for history and, therefore, have failed to see their true message.

It is strange, but when the Bible was launched upon the world, and acceptance seemed to be in sight, the great Alexandria Library was burnt to the ground, leaving no record as to how the Bible came into being. Few people can read other languages, so they cannot compare their beliefs with others. Our churches do not encourage us to compare. How many of the millions who accept the Bible as fact, ever question it? Believing it is the word of God, they blindly accept the words and thus lose the essence they contain. Having accepted the vehicle, they do not understand what the vehicle conveys."

Ultimately, if we are all God, in the process of remembering, and our imaginations are God - to varying degrees we can and do create the circumstances of our lives - there are practical techniques available and utilised to do this - but ‘resisting’ or doubting the process is closely related to ‘sinning’ in its original definition. It wasnt connected with punishment or evil doing any more than ‘repentance’ is truly translated as some kind of guilty contrition - more to do with re-aligning with the initial objective. It seems very important to go back to the literal meaning of the original words in order to see that religious protocol has been man made as a tool for social control by the few over the many.

Realising we are all God would probably play havoc with organised religion and its structural and financial beneficiaries. Apparently concealing the truth is vital to their survival. As far as I am concerned, I dont need an intermediary in a costume who clearly doesnt understand to tell me that God is somewhere outside of me. I am happy to know that we are all God, so everywhere we walk is holy. Admittedly, some people are using their God given gifts very negatively - being evil - but as they awaken, in this life or the next, it will be their path to travel through accountability for their own actions. Everything they do to others they have essentially done to self. Realising this is not going to be an easy ride. They will make it eventually - I believe we all will - but I wouldn’t want to have to deal with the sheer intensity of remorse they are likely to experience in the process.

Personally, I’ve found life on this planet, for the most part extremely painful since I arrived. I am still here through love for and from others, sheer stubbornness and a strong aversion to suicide on various grounds. Based on my own experiences I feel somewhat qualified to assess this dimension as the hell many are afraid of being dispatched to. I dont think they should worry. Wearing these bodies is hard enough. Over and over again…I am hoping I dont have to do it on repeat for too much longer, but somehow, as I sense time is running out on this particular play - I might just be in line for yet another production before I finally make it back home…

Well, this is way beyond off topic. I will no doubt resolve this at a later date by posting some terrible news about a twisted development in the unstoppable plans for global democide at the hands of some evil, self appointed, totally deluded despots. Its a compulsion to share the information, not to ruin anyone’s day… I dont think I’ve ever said this before but thank you all. Whether it is reciprocated or not I genuinely appreciate your presence on this forum.

Thats the narrative that churches preach about Satanists. The truth is there is very little evidence of these heinous crimes that are allegedly all over the place. The relatively few cases there are tend to be those with mental health issues. I dont care what Satan worshippers did hundreds or thousands of years ago when there was no shortage of belief in magic and sorcery.

There is a machine in operation to encourage victim blaming and the labelling of survivors as mentally ill. As if abuse didnt cause emotional and mental distress - but discrediting people for that? Very convenient for the perpetrators.

As I said, I think there should be a sub-definition to SRA - Invisible Sect Freemasonic ritual abuse. But the reason so little is ever done about known SRA is due to the participation of so many influential perpetrators with plenty of systemic, institutionalised power.

Ex CID policeman John Wedger discusses this in his testimony at the ITNJ judicial commission into human trafficking & child sex abuse. I will link the post I wrote about it as I honestly cannot bear to sit here and go into details again. Its a very poisonous topic involving a great deal of suffering by innocent children. Suffice to say, there are theistic and atheistic satanists that engage in this horrific abuse. The international networks are more closely associated with Invisible Sect freemasonry and its repackaged, globally exported Hollywood Franchise. I discussed this in greater length in the post below.

Well, clearly any data i provide will be written off as “coverup.” Sorry, I dont find conspiracy theories convincing.

Unfortunately, conspiracy practitioners continue to act with impunity, at least in terms of their self made ‘justice’ system. ‘Conspiracy theory’ was after all a term heavily popularised by the CIA following public questions surrounding the Kennedy assassination…its been used more than ever since covid arrived on cue…and is now widely accepted as a synonym for ‘counter narrative’. Everyone, as ever, thankfully is still just about free enough to believe whatever they want. When the cull is over and the remaining humans have been throroughly interfaced with technology, perhaps it wont be so simple to think a free thought without some kind of intervention from the evil, idiotic self appointed despots who already consider themselves ‘overlords’…it appalled me to see people lining up for their jabs…but it turns out they’re self spreading. Like the fear straight out of the tavistock propaganda factory…

Well at least we have woke individuals such as yourself, so we can’t say we weren’t warned.

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its 3.30am and that made me laugh. Thank you!

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Welcome to your future. Anybody who sits in those circles needs there heads testing :man_facepalming:t3:


I love the media frenzy about the deaths in India. Burning pyres make great media. Even if the published death rates per million were trebled, they would not make the top 30 list.
And no media source informs that 80,000 are born daily and nearly 1,000,000 under 5 die annually from malnutrition etc…
Covid is nothing compared to other ongoing health issues


Don’t feed the poor kids vaccinate them instead