Discussion of Covid-19 information (No holds barred)

I don’t understand. We may be too different to understand each other … I won’t suppose to understand what you’ve been through. I have suffered a lot in my life though … I believe everyone has a choice and I would choose to die fighting for the ideas and ideals I believe in - that I’ve come to believe in through much adversity and testing.

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Yes, everyone has a choice, but sometimes those choices are survive or die.

How do you make a correct choice when you aren’t provided all the details and are running on mere emotions? That’s what I see a lot of in this country.


That’s a pretty difficult sociological question, isn’t it. I can see where you’re coming from, and I have also seen some of the probably worst and most uneducated parts of the US. The country has many problems, and its leadership has been pretty [cough] for a long time. But blaming a government or even a country is not the same thing as blaming (all) its people.

In many ways I am against American policy, but I’m not against American people in general.

When everything is looted from the people, then fight or die will be the main choices … there is also “run” and there may be more options.

Survival is the default for which most are wired. So I prefer to fight (and die if required) for a better world. What that better world looks like is the question we each have to find an answer to, in order to discover how we may best use our life’s energy.

America has destroyed much but we particularly resent this piece of cultural hegemony and its consequences. Especially the pompous “Freedom”-lovers and the damage they do.

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The thing is about the US is that it never had anything to do with freedom. It is in essence, a British imperialist freemasonic colony. Its very formation depended on centuries of horrific abuse, murder, enslavement and exploitation. These historical facts underpin the racist ideology of white supremacists. The so called land of the free is built on suffering and pain.This is written into the foundations and the same project is still in operation - largely unchallenged, and the relentless process of further subjugation and total commodification is continuous…

The NWO is the empire 2.0…based on an elite obsession with manifesting Plato’s fictional republic - further establishing the domination of elitists and governance by individuals fully trained in the occult…The plans for a clear three tier social class system - Ruling/Military/Worker are to be fully implemented - although ‘detained’ and ‘discarded’ probably accurately describe the additional tiers four and five…

The essence of the invisible sect freemasonic project is a pyramid scheme in which only the people at the sharp end secure access to the most influential information…those at the lower end provide a cover with their ignorance and will attest to the organisation being dedicated to the pursuit of good works in the community…in return for their naivety they are herded around like domesticated cattle along with everyone else.

The economy is being slowly crashed whilst we are pushed indoors - under duress and using prison derived terminology. The repetitive ‘Lockdowns’ refer to being shut-down & locked-up on the whims of self gratifying elitists peddling pseudoscience and manipulated data…

There will come a time when many people may wish they had made more of a stand against the sadistic brutality of these predatory imperialists…Toppling corrupt institutions along with the statues dedicated to colonialist barbarism - and ensuring that all the many monuments to, and machinations of organised pedophilia were also dismantled along the way.

Once it has become more widely accepted that there are a handful of interconnected, self interested miscreants hell bent on oppressing everyone else - this socio/psychopathic system will finally be acknowledged for what it is - and we can use our collective influence as the majority to demand genuine change. There will need to be more general understanding about the ideological basis behind the horrendous, elitist pedophiliac practises - so that any signs of ritualised abuse can be flagged up, easily recognised and it can finally be stopped. Its been occurring on an industrial level and is purposefully obscured although it is well known that the aristocracy, prime ministers and presidents are and have been involved.

Investigations into what is usually termed ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ have been systematically blocked as they usually involve networks of ‘invisible sect’ freemasons - including so many high ranking police, politicians, lawyers barristers and judges that further inquiries are routinely suppressed

The RAINS list is real - the lack of public awareness and outcry is beyond tragic.

As I have stated in previous posts - the fusion of Jesuitism, Sabbatean-Frankism and Luciferianism underpin the theosophical basis of this inner sect freemasonic cult. All based on twisted interpretations of the lurianic kabbalah - itself a contorted interpretation of the old testament. There is some ‘dugpa’ or ‘red-hat’ sect Tibetan Buddhism thrown in for good measure and they are most certainly committed Luciferians - but 'Satanist’, whilst correct, is a highly simplified term.

These cult members follow a doctrine that has amalgamated a collection of disgusting ideologies to support their delusions of grandeur and provide them with a rationale to continue to commit horrific, sadistic acts of evil, further encourage adrenochrome addiction and ensure a continued ‘supply’ of adrenalised blood.

Pedophilia - Child abuse - has always been rife in Jesuitism, positively encouraged in Luciferianism and represents an integral feature of ‘dugpa’ or ‘red-hat’ sect tibetan buddhism.
Sabbatean-frankism strongly advocated ritualised pedophilia, sacrificial torture and abuse. These evil rituals are in part derived from horrific ancient canaanite mythology involving mass child sacrifices to a bull god they named moloch…

Just because these activities are horrendous - involving torture, bloodletting, sacrificial murder and sexual abuse - it doesn’t mean they don’t happen. It is not possible to feign ignorance and shelter in disbelief. People choose dismissal in ways the victims and survivors never can.

Most of the attention on elitist pedophile rings has been focused on the US and Hollywood, and nowhere else in the world - particularly not the UK and Whitehall.

Isaac Kappy outed a huge list of Hollywood perpetrators in 2018 - including James Gunn, Seth Green, Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks…and was found dead on route 66 on May 13th 2019 having ‘forced himself off a bridge’. He posted a video 3 days prior to his death - declaring that he was in no way suicidal but that he knew things were about to get ‘really bad’ for him…

The elitist pedophile network is a machine. Epstein & Maxwell only represent project management in the US…Leslie Wexner occupies a more senior role but is still only an administrator…

There is a pedophile promoting core to the media and entertainment industry. Hidden in plain sight. They use very specific symbolism, imagery and codified language to signal association. Its way beyond horrific and disturbing - supportive of child abuse on an industrial scale. Much of the same symbology is broadcast by religious leaders - pope francis can be clearly seen advertising one of the pedophile logos on his special world youth day vestments. These are found throughout state institutions, ‘charitable’ organisations and major corporations such as Disney.

Ignorance wont help victims or survivors of ritual abuse or the hundreds of thousands of innocent children who either go missing or were never registered as existing .It has been 30 years since the Orkney ritual abuse case and still people refuse to acknowledge reality. The truth needs to be told.

The vulnerability of children in care to organised abuse is already well known and well documented - as evidenced recently by the Rochdale case and the experiences of everyone who has ever been in local authority care - but still nothing has been done to properly safeguard them. The children need to be protected from harm.

There was a high profile case in the UK in 2015 involving senior level judges - including the testimonies of two children and their mother against the father (Ricky Dearman) and an associated network of inner sect freemasons performing secret ceremonies involving ritualised abuse. Publicity in support of the children and their mother was suppressed to the extent it became a criminal offence for one of the main campaigners to further discuss the case in public - they refused to be silenced and are still serving the 9 year sentence imposed. All those implicated remain free but anyone who makes continual public references to the case is penalised. Due to a very slick and professional digital cover up the majority of information left online is now a sanitised collection of dismissals.

The ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse has been launched - Sadly not much progress has been made in publicising the inquiry or in effecting any real structural change - Steele describes the commission as ‘a non profit educational event’ as opposed to an adversarial court. Unfortunately little has been done to dismantle the horrific system known to still be in operation.

In the shorter of the two videos - ex CIA spy Robert David Steele gives a short overview of the horrific realities of child trafficking for ritualised torture and sexual abuse and raises the issue of adrenalised blood playing a factor.

These are difficult subjects to confront but doing so is necessary in order to demand the perpetrators are stopped and the children are protected from harm.

The testimony from ex-CID UK police whistleblower John Wedger is damning - he is a genuinely brave man with great integrity - certainly not a freemason - who has been subject to extreme bullying and harassment during his efforts to expose pedophile networks systematically involving children in local authority care and senior level police, charitable agencies, social workers, BBC executives, politicians and high ranking legal representatives.
Wedger describes the way in which there are no proper investigative channels in place in the UK to safeguard vulnerable children in local authority care from sexual abuse from organised pedophile networks - and that when he undertook a successful investigation it was totally and forcibly shut down by the most senior police officers in the country.

Bernard Hogan Howe - the former metropolitan police commissioner who refused to acknowledge John Wedger’s findings and oversaw the campaign of bullying against him - has been made a Baron.

John Wedger was threatened with imprisonment, the loss of his job, home and children and remained unpaid for a number of years - financial bullying leaving him unable to provide for his family, but still subject to further threats.

Disturbingly, Hogan-Howe has been given the task of overseeing the house of lords inquiry into historical sexual abuse.
The same sexual abuse that the same (now apparently ‘Sir’) Bernard Hogan-Howe refused to acknowledge because it involved so many of his friends, colleagues and other prominent members of the british elitist establishment - from Judges and Police to bankers and corporate CEO’s, Politicians and medical professionals…

People rightfully discuss and condemn Jimmy Savile, but haven’t demanded an inquiry into the cover up by senior and highly implicated BBC executives that saw only Hall actually jailed - Neither has there been much focus on the police or MPs, or on ex prime ministers like Ted Heath, the rest of his cabinet, or his various successors. Peter Morrison was Thatchers parliamentary private secretary and everyone knows full well that prince Andrew is guilty, but most do not discuss him nor query his siblings, parents or the rest of the so called royal ‘venetian black nobility’ and their invisible sect, freemasonic networks of ritualised child abuse.

But many people still wave flags and wait for a glimpse of them when they drive past in large cars. Its beyond truly sickening.

John Wedger’s Testimony at the ITNJ is an important account that gives a genuine insight into the existence of elitist pedophile networks, the lack of interest or funding for investigations, and the dangers involved for any officers attempting to expose them. Fortunately, he now has the support of the wider community, continues to campaign on behalf of children in care, and works in outreach helping victims and survivors.

The people with the most information heaped upon them regarding organised abuse networks appear to be dedicated Trump supporters tuning in to Q-Anon psyops updates - they have been convinced via this Cass Sunstein derived propagandist tool that their Fuhrer is a saviour in spite of all the evidence to the contrary…they are in the final stages of exchanging yet another pedophile president for the next - but have been primed to believe that its all a US, Hilary and Bill, democrat-only issue.

The Clintons, the Podestas, and all their depraved cronies are undoubtedly guilty but the reality is much more all encompassing and focusing solely on democrats is not helping expose the full truth. However, as planned it does alienate democratic voters, and reduces the likelihood of any mass civil action against international elitist pedophile networks. It also adds to Trump devotees red-hat fervor in supporting an array of unconnected policies - their sleazy, pedophile, scottish rite southern jurisdiction freemason leader is billed as a ‘satanic cult buster’ - and therefore they must condone martial law in Iran?

Epstein & Maxwell are known to have operated a child sex trafficking operation and engage in ritualistic abuse on a private island frequented by both Trump & Clinton - but still the devoted red-hat maga army cling on to the concept that their child-rape accused leader is there to vanquish evil, when he is clearly just another vile participant in the cult.

The derivative source - the establishment in Britain - is a total cesspool of genealogically interconnected self serving tyrants who depend on their well oiled networks of international invisible sect freemasonry to keep their structural power in place and maintain their position as the materially richest of the materially rich. What happens behind the scenes is intricately organised and utterly horrific - Fueled by delusions of grandeur, greed and an addiction to power, sadistic influence and apparently, adrenochrome - a substance that is created in the bloodstreams of terrified victims.

Membership of the ‘invisible sect’ is commonplace amongst high ranking politicians.
The same politicians issuing out instructions to ‘stay home’ in order to ‘protect the vulnerable’ - As if any of them did anything but routinely exploit vulnerability…or cared about anything but themselves. They are only interested in maintaining their false entitlements and preserving the capacity to practise their disgusting psychopathic activities in private.

As for ‘Covid’ - clearly its an oppressive device, which extends far beyond the threat of respiratory complications from an airborne virus.

I maintain the origins of SARS-Cov-2 are by absolute design - and its circulating presence constitutes a successful act of biological warfare. The live ‘dark winter’ exercise we are enduring was first simulated way back in 2001 when John Hopkins still didnt mind being referred to as a ‘center for civilian biodefense strategies’. Now its all ‘Health Security’.

SARS-Cov-2 has all the hallmarks of an engineered viral nanoparticle VNP - its gain of function properties ensured virulent transmissibility - but the end game was always the vaccines - which I believe are designed to be harmful and are hauling in an agenda that is far beyond macabre. The poor animals in the SARS trials developed accelerated hyper immunity upon re-exposure to the virus - they died en masse but none of the researchers needed to label these deaths as due to a ‘variant strain’ - a mass paradoxical immune response was simply noted.

Why would anyone believe that the same evil people capable of organising ritualised child abuse networks would have their best interests at heart when they are offered a shot in the arm with a dose of poison from any of the highly dubious manufacturers? Especially Oxford-AstraZeneca - a company with known links to the UK Eugenics movement? As the majority we still have the potential for the greatest influence and to collectively completely reject this heavily agenda laden injection.

Unfortunately it is already difficult enough for most people to accept that they are being manipulated by a self serving elitist group let alone that this same collective are psychopathic murderers and ritual abusers - despite the evidence and the fact that imperialist history demonstrates a clear example of what these people are capable of and whose interests they serve. Their own. At all times - Nothing has changed except the technology…

The internet is effectively a state derived military surveillance device developed from the original ARPANET - and utilised by the US during the assault on vietnam as a tool to track insurgence - which rather conflicts with the narrative that Berners Lee miraculously invented it and it somehow ‘went bad’ - he might have coined the term World Wide Web but the internet itself was always destined to erode privacy and increase oppression. It was built for that purpose. And like emperors throwing bread to the crowds - we are given access to media and information to distract, indoctrinate entertain and occasionally educate - in return for our increasingly monetised, exploited and harvestable data and to foster further docility and compliance…

The self elected ruling elites are still busy implementing their strategies to usher in their vacuous New World Order. Celebrated by a bunch of disgusting self aggrandizing adrenochrome addicted pedophiles. That should be the stamp on every vaccine. I don’t recommend letting them anywhere near you or anyone you care about with their toxic waste products.

I have chosen to post this youtube-banned video as I find the content interesting and not because I am endorsing all other Hibbeler Productions films. I would also like to state clearly that whilst the description includes the term ‘hoax’ I consider this to be in reference to the engineered quality of the pandemic and the inflated figures used to justify damaging lockdowns and general destruction - and not an outright rejection of the potential for serious harm in contracting the virus.

I am painfully aware of the devastating impact covid 19 can have on the susceptible. Notifications to increase vitamin D3 uptake in conjunction with K2 Mk7 should be being broadcast on the news and appear on billboards. This is the clearest line of defense as SARS-CoV-2 has proven links with vitamin D pathways. The virus itself is effectively uncontainable - spread via aerosols with a range of 30 meters rendering so called social distancing useless except as enforced behaviour modification…as for the masks - they actively compromise the respiratory health of the wearer and signal submission to propaganda and the regime in general - but critically do not inhibit the spread of the virus. Here in the UK the plans for bi-annual toxic vaccinations are now being revealed alongside the new and improved threat of ever multiplying variants…

John Hopkins Center for Health Security - Formerly the Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies - have another scenario/exercise in the bag - ‘SPARS 2025-2028’, it was completed in 2017 and quietly published in March 2020 whilst everyone was distracted with the combination of ‘Operation Dark Winter’ and ‘Event 201’ going live.

Agenda 2021, 2030 and the Great Reset are dependent on manufactured pandemics and BSL4 derived pathogens - purposefully coupled with the serious risk of vaccine induced accelerated hyper immunity and ever increasing and inescapable exposure to 5G Millimetre Wave Radiation.The psychopathic eugenicists backslapping each other at DAVOS know only too well what they have in store for the rest of us over the next decade. Fortunately for them their propaganda and social engineering is so effective that not only is the global populace largely compliant, it tends towards policing itself.

Just like Nazi Germany…

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Put that way, their success seems inevitable but it is not.

At every turn it depends in the ignorance and acquiescence of the vast majoriity.

It is in no way inevitable. They know this and it scares them.

We must not be genetically engineered. We must not be made to wear masks and avoid each other. We must stop being afraid.


There will be whistleblowers. There will be insiders who turn on their masters and tell the truth. There will be frontline enforcers who find the courage to turn around and say no.

Will Melinda Gates for example want to be there in the dock in a Nuremberg trial with her husband while he’s rocking back and forth, trying to think of a way to avoid his fate? There are others involved, other examples.

The perpetrators are the very very few.

We are the many.


“Singing we are the 99%, singing we are the 99% singing we are the 90 together we are mighty, we are the 99% :notes:…” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Another whistleblower. These people have to be very brave, there is nothing in it for them personally:

Do you actually believe this?

I could point you in the direction of a few families that have lost loved ones, and individuals who are suffering long covid issues.

I think it comes down to luck at this point.

Because of the restrictions there are peoples social circles that haven’t been touched at all by covid - and I can see why they may fall in to the trap of fake virus scam artists.

Governments gain nothing from these draconian measures - look at New Zealand, they had draconian measures… and now they are all out partying.

Measures were clearly put in to place to squash the virus and they had zero interest in keeping these measures going for a moment longer than needed.


Yes, I believe Dr. Knauss is telling the truth as he sees it.

Do I believe that is the actual situation? Well, yes I do.

I’m no expert but I believe “Covid 19” is influenza. Influenza kills many every year, and I don’t think 2020/2021 has been exceptional in that regard.

I don’t agree at all.

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I think your tin foil hat is doing you harm.

Could you list these airy fairy government gains then? So we can have a good laugh?

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Why do you think doctors, virologists, pharmacologists, other scientists, diverse governments, journalists etc aren’t persuaded of that argument? Are they all ‘in on it’?

Here’s just one of many articles that challenge the view that Covid 19 is just flu: No, COVID-19 Is Not the Flu - COVID-19 - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Ok, since you asked.

The oligarchs want you vaccinated and wearing a mask, because it represents a major advance in their making a slave out of you, in addition to aiding the process of population reduction, which is near and dear to their hearts.

Governments, by a century plus long process of bribery and blackmail, are beholden to the oligarchs. They gain by keeping their bribes and avoiding the blackmail.

We the people gain nothing, in fact we lose a lot.

If you think its a laughing matter, then I can only hope you’re right.


Sorry but I don’t believe the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

And yes, many of the professionals you mentioned are not independent enough to be reliable.

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How about £22 billion for track and trace, remember that? And no that’s not a typo it was £22 billion. Among other countless back hand deals there is a lot this government has gained. They’ve done well with the flu though 95% decrease for the the first time in 130 years just don’t ask them how :man_shrugging:t3: Remember when this started it was a 3 week lock down to flatten the curve, that was last March. Remember masks didn’t prevent the spread or the ability to contract the virus BUT then they did? Remember the r rate had to get to below 1 and the the lock downs would be lifted it’s between 0.7-0.9 and here we are still locked up and threatened with fines if we leave the house for a reason not considered essential by the same people who put the most vulnerable of society in cramped homes without knowing if they were infected. Don’t forget the kids who are being taught that the person without a mask on is a danger to society or not to get within 2 metres of another for fear of killing their nan. Remember we were told when the vaccine is here we would get back to normal? Sorry but if you still believe this nonsense you need to pull your head out of the sand.


Critically, not ‘all’ doctors, vriologists, pharmacologists or scientists are being given widespread coverage. This apparent absence of readily available information is not due to a lack of scientific knowledge or understanding but because many well qualified alternative viewpoints present a viable counter narrative which fails to support the aims of the WEF eugenicists dependent on the information deficit… anything credible that veers away from the standardised narrative is subject to routine censorship tactics - such as removal of material from widely used platforms and a relentless campaign to discredit ‘dissenters’ and label them conspiracy theorists…hence the immediately available online echo-chamber…

From ‘Operation Dark Winter’ to the ‘SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028’…plenty of good reasons for a healthy aversion to John Hopkins’ accredited data…