Discussion of Covid-19 information (No holds barred)

I didnt say it was - thats the editorial choice for a title about the FDA Documents, the reports of post trial mortalities was actually refered to as ‘breaking’ - As it happens I’m surprised there havent been more already - but since the SARS vaccines tests on animals caused mass paradoxical immune responses upon re-exposure to SARS - accelerated hyper immunity resulted in mass deaths… actually the greatest concern I have really is post vaccine - should enough people blindly accept either the need for the injection, or its highly dubious contents. As far as I can see, the article merely declared that there have already been two deaths involving immuno -compromised individuals. If I was looking for ‘high impact reportage’ I dont think anything with bombshell in the title would have been my link of choice, do you? Especially on this forum :joy:
I thought it was interesting, relevant, worth paying serious attention to, and still do…
What did you make of the ‘adverse effects’ listed by the FDA as detailed in the less recent article?
It will come as no surprise to anyone here that I will be dodging this dirty jab!
Although I find stalwart pro vaccinators (not necessarily yourself included) to harbour some of the most ridiculously myopic viewpoints on vaccination in general, it is a matter of choice not mandate. So each to their own. Live and let live - though the chances of continuing to do so seem to be greatly improved by refusing to roll up ones sleeves for a shot in the arm from boris/bill/insert despot here

I expect this is all perfectly normal. IIRC the Oxford thing was paused for this very reason, some participants fell ill (maybe died) and they need to find out if statistically significant and also confirm, if possible, the reasons for any possible reaction.

I am skeptical of big pharma for sure, but also I think we all need to realise in large studies folk will get ill, even if none took the vaccine and that’s just life.

There are more important issues around, such as H1N8 and the UK poultry folk given 11 days to cage all birds, so free range no more, for a while. Even if you have a single hen it needs caged. This is all happening now and we don’t want that mixing with covid for sure. A quick non scientific google about shows and almost 100% mortality rate. So I figure we need all hands to get covid under control, cause it’s only one in a list that we will get and we better get used to vaccines or start to work with nature an lot better, an awful lot.

Yes, it’s well within statistical norms, just a misleading headline - won’t be the last. Do you mean H1N8 has ~100% mortality in chickens? Quick non-scientific Google of my own didn’t find any figures for humans.

Accepting the risk of serious harm may be a statistically prevalent exercise - and in that respect, I can accept the definition of ‘normal’ - but it certainly isnt sensible…

We need to get the hysteria under control and check the facts…counter-narrative is not synonymous with conspiracy theory…

For a wide variety of contributions from scientists to journalists, all with conflicting political perspectives, who agree that the threat of covid has not only been grossly overestimated and inflated, but totally exploited in order to justify draconian measures, (and in my opinion expedite dastardly agendas like ‘the great re-set’ ) have a look at lockdownsceptics.org…far more informative and well balanced than most of the contributions I observed on this forum during lockdown1 - the counter narrative was not well received here - the most hysterical attitudes were seemingly from staunch supporters of our governments every manoeuvre and dictate…

My heartfelt thanks to all those who persisted in providing evidence and data to support the claim that this whole situation is largely ludicrous, however poorly received that information was at the time - this thread operated as a reasonably safe haven for discussion and as such, has provided a valuable space for some more open minded dialogue and inquiry into a subject that has had a massive impact on us all…and continues to do so…

I have particularly appreciated what Dr Roger Hodkinson has had to say on the subject recently - short and concisely in this recording, but also using ‘lay-language, blunt and counter narrative’ as promised in his introduction…

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I guess the problem is if people who suddenly die would not, if not taking the vaccine, even after getting covid-19.
As they can hardly measure the doubts will remain and for this reason I would not push anyone to take the vaccine.

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I found this interesting site this evening, whilst looking up one time director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover’s quote:
“The individual comes face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists…”

…Which is rather relevant to the subject at hand…actually, I have no difficulty accepting the scale of the monstrosity, and whilst I and many others will not cower - what I find hardest to deal with is refusal to register its existence. The good news is that I am by no means isolated or alone - and have noticed that the so called pandemic has encouraged people to speak up and speak out in ways they might not have done before.

Collectively speaking, we seem to be running out of things to lose…

It is slowly becoming more widely accepted, based on evidence and data - that the lockdown measures are disproportionate to the threat posed by covid19 - it doesnt require any profound mental athleticism to then query and reject the necessity for a mass vaccination program…

Before anyone shouts ‘smallpox’ - this is not a debate about vaccinations in general, although there are some brilliant examples of those kinds of discussions on this forum, which I did feel more than happy to participate in at the time - I learned a great deal from other contributors and would like to express my thanks.
I have already made my personal views on modern vaccinations clear - I have no interest in being injected with foetal tissue or cross species DNA, nor in accepting the risk of serious harm or rejecting the evidence of vaccine related, lifelong damage to children.

So back to the covid19 vaccination - specifically.

I find the aggressive and relentless marketing campaign for it very alarming, and whilst high profile politicians offer to have saline injected into them on live television - it does absolutely nothing to encourage my trust in a truly, beyond dubious concoction manufactured in a timescale that even Imperial college professors have rather worryingly described as ‘astounding’ - it takes 10-18 years to develop a vaccine considered safe enough to withstand the numerous lawsuits that usually inevitably follow.

So here in the midst of an unabating, and largely baseless - global fear driven campaign to promote it as essential, we are being encouraged or rather, coerced into accepting a never-before-tried-or -meaningfully tested (duration or large enough sample group) RNA vaccine.

Its RNA status accounts for the instability and the necessity for storage at such low temperatures - and whilst the evidence for engineered RNA Viruses has been available on the net for those who have wished to look for it - as far as I am concerned the very existence of an engineered RNA Vaccine puts paid to any flimsy assertions that Virologists are somehow unable to build with RNA - synthetic virology is advancing exponentially and has been doing for some time now…

There are many aspects of the proposed covid-19 vaccine that I find particularly disturbing - and this is aside from the usual suspects - foetal remains and animal organ tissue -

An RNA vaccine has never been tested on humans en masse, The data does not exist…so far, although only two of the test subjects have died of immune-compromised complications - the results of the SARS vaccine tests on the poor animals resulted in mass deaths upon re-exposure - accelerated hyper immunity is a known risk factor. The animals died in droves. Coronaviruses are already prevalent but very rarely deadly. It would be a nightmare scenario if a paradoxical immune response occurred in recipients of the novel covid-19 injection.

Then there is the issue of DNA modification - unfortunately this is far from science fiction -Derek Rossi - of Moderna - has worked tirelessly to prove that introducing synthetically altered RNA to human stem cells is a viable route to genetic modification…and now he has a vaccine to profiteer from?

…“Operation Warp Speed is a public–private partnership, initiated by the Trump administration, to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics The leader of the Operation Warp Speed project, Moncef Slaoui, had been a board member of the U.S. vaccine developer, Moderna, and divested his shares in Moderna stock, at a potential personal gain of $10 million, raising questions of his neutrality in judging vaccine candidates.[37] Although Slaoui resigned from the Moderna board when named to head Warp Speed, his share value in Moderna stock increased by $3 million in one day when Moderna announced an advance in vaccine clinical research.[37]

Biometric data is on the list for commodification and monetisation. Far from being quasi scientific fiction -‘nanobots’ and associated nano technology are well into a reasonably advanced development stage and it should come as no surprise that anything that assists in the ultimate surveillance agenda would find its way into the ingredients list. Although there are other, less obvious ways to implant them in humans - metal nano particles provide the composite elements though depend on contact with digestive acid to crystallize/activate - and are rather crude and basic compared to the fully functioning injectable forms.

Luciferase - A term coined by Raphael Dubois in the 19th century - but adopted by MIT as an appropriate name for the bioluminescent dye they have patented that can act as ‘proof of vaccine’ - although this involves a ‘quantum dot’ sequence imprinted’ in between the dermal layers during vaccination and strictly speaking is not an ingredient - I have no intention of being tatooed by a cabal of sabbatean-frankist luciferians and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

Live and let live - each to their own. But please be well informed about the ingredients, and question why they are necessary, and exactly who benefits from them? Clearly, financial profit is one motivating factor.

But what other agendas are being served? Without all the information, consent cannot be considered informed. And surely informed consent forms the basis of good choices where anything medical is concerned? A personal risk assessment regarding this vaccine seems sensible - vital in fact - because once injected, it cannot be revoked. And there is no undo option…

Best wishes to you all.

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I read the Pfizer vaccine mRNA documentation and there are not big concern about health problems, but there are still millions of different people who does not suit to wide group of people in the trial test.
There have been more than 20 attempts to use medicine based on mRNA, but no single one was approved including flu vaccine.
So from this view it is quite strange why can be covid-19 vaccine approved very fast.

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@jlpell Sounds like some under the table payments by other manufacturers to the Aust Government to take their vaccines. UofQ are not part of the multinational vaccine makers and being a federal university does not have a way to grease the palms of the government. Also it means they have little of no ethical issues with appeasing share holders

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Not even fizzy drinks are safe now :weary:


Physical, Chemical and Synthetic Virology: Reprogramming Viruses as Controllable Nanodevices

The virus is nature’s tool for delivering foreign genetic material into a living organism. Many viruses are icosahedral or helical in structure and are composed of nucleic acids encapsidated in a protein shell. The protein shells are made up of multiple repeating subunits encoded by the viral genome. Some viruses are also enveloped, possessing an additional lipid membrane outside the protein capsid. Depending on the virus, the genome can be single- or double-stranded and composed of DNA or RNA. The protein capsid contains subunits ranging from tens to hundreds in number and can self-assemble spontaneously in some viruses. Altering the make-up of the individual subunits or the interaction between these subunits can lead to reprogramming of virus behavior. Viruses are often referred to as virus nanoparticles (VNPs) if they have been modified chemically or genetically to obtain some property that is different from that of the wild-type form, and virus-like particles (VLPs) if they have had their genetic material removed and are non-infectious ([Steinmetz, 2010]"

I found this article this whilst looking around on the National Centre for Biotechnology Information PMC site - Always an interesting place to browse…and the title really caught my eye… the virological terminology used for differentiating between enhanced and reduced capacities was particularly interesting…

So SARS-CoV-2 is clearly no VLP, but those already proven ‘gain of function’ properties point towards it being classified as a VNP…unlike our old fashioned, fairly friendly wild coronaviruses which have caused people to sneeze with relatively little to worry about for centuries…at least the four forms around before 2002…

https://www.healthline.com/health/coronavirus-types#types :grimacing:
According to ‘healthline’ ('simplifying the CDC approved narrative for even more general consumption) -The only real dangers posed by coronaviruses began to emerge 18 years ago, with SARS-CoV followed by MERS-CoV…and up to the present day…They are apparently quite certain that SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV-2 all suddenly originated from animals, evolved at an exponential rate and afflicted humans with similarly plague like severity. Except that SARS-Cov-2 is, in pure statistical terms really not that deadly - many poor outcomes in acute cases have been exacerbated by mistreatment with inadvisable techniques such as inducing comas and forced intubation whilst inflated perceptions of threat are being used as the rationale for draconian measures most certainly destroying lives and livelihoods…Its also very likey to be a VNP and the sudden avalanche of different vaccines to choose from is beyond disconcerting.

Later today, the UK parliament will be discussing whether or not to penalise people who refuse the offer of being injected with foetal cells, animal organ tissue, DNA altering RNA sequences, nanobots, bioluminescent dye and an array of inadvisable ‘adjuvants’ - based on the premise that the shot is imperative, because in spite of it showing clear signs of human intervention the virus is in fact a wild accident that just so happens to be benefitting various pre-ordained agendas and rather heavily lining pockets along the way…?

This is all just ridiculous and demented beyond measure. Its like a really bad science fiction B movie. Only unfortunately, its real and the UK parliament will actually be discussing imposing restrictive measures on dissenters, whilst continuing to threaten the population with the unlucky lottery of placement somewhere on their ‘three tier system’ …We know what the three tier system is about…as if this country wasn’t class obsessed enough…a drive to further imprint the stupid, divisive concept on the public psyche - providing further advertising for Plato’s archaic model for a Ruling/Worker/Military, elitist-assisting social organisation system…Its NWO all the way and has nada to do with respiratory tract infections…and that’s for certain…

You may have missed it, and I will upload the video ASAP - but like Boris, Matt Hancock, the UK’s seedy little health secretary/ chief gimp had an embarrassing slip of the tongue on live tv a few days ago when he referred to the Virus being ‘Biological Wa…um Biological’

Yeah Matt. Tell the people all about Biological Warfare. I think its time they heard it from you. Go on.
This live exercise is getting really tedious. ‘Operation dark winter’ didnt end with a Vaccine containing biometric data surveilling nanobots or DNA modifying RNA sequences…seems a few things have advanced in the past 19 years since the wargame was first simulated…along the same kind of time line as the ‘new and improved’ and ‘totally wild’ Coronavirus strains…

"In designing Dark Winter, the authors of the exercise analyzed plausible delivery methods for bioterrorist attacks as well as available scientific and historical data from smallpox outbreaks in the past. Numerous factors influence whether a pathogen will successfully invade a host community and how that pathogen will spread once established in that community
Number of persons infected by the initial attack . In the Dark Winter scenario, 3000 people were infected with the smallpox virus during 3 simultaneous attacks in 3 separate shopping malls in Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. It has been estimated that only a few virions are required to cause human smallpox infection, and thus the total quantity of virus necessary to cause 3000 infections in humans is small. For example, William Patrick, a senior scientist in the US offensive biological weapons program before its termination in 1969, has stated that 1 g of weaponized smallpox would be sufficient to infect 100 people via an aerosol attack…"

SARS-CoV-2 is spread by aerosols ranging up to 30 metres before landing…making it essentially uncontainable and rendering so called ‘social distancing’ measures totally useless…Whilst every death from any cause is a sad and serious issue creating grief and suffering for loved ones, and protecting the most vulnerable is of course vital - the mortality rates for SARS-CoV-2 have never been proportionate to the level of hysteria generated in the population at large…In fact, the fatality rate in under 65’s is around 1 in 300,000…so in that respect the covid19 pandemic is really quite unlike the ODW smallpox scenario…The greatest threat to health is presently through destructive lockdown measures and under informed compliance with the drive to inject the majority of the worlds population with at least one vial full of premeditated poison…

Instead, please take 3000-5000 iu of Vitamin D3 with K2 Mk7 daily, and encourage everyone in ‘vulnerable’ or immune compromised groups to do the same. It has been proven to reduce both the likelihood and severity of infection.

"Vitamin D reduces COVID-19; infection; severity; ICU admission and mortality: as clearly evidenced by; immune biology, observational and interventional studies, and wider considerations of; latitude, seasonal UVB exposure, and national supplementation policies: the uncertainty is the quantum: but studies suggest ‘D’ effects are likely large - 50% less infectivity – multiples lower ICU and mortality rate.".(https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m3872/rr-5)

Next, demand the full vaccine ingredients list. Informed consent is the only justifiable kind. Coercion doesnt qualify. Question the legitimacy of figures released by the John Hopkins Center for Brainwashing/ Civilian Biodefense Strategies/Health security… Switch off the TV…Put your head in a freezer for a moment. Study raw data. Listen to the counter-narrative and dance around your living room. But please please dont accept a dosing with irreversible, and largely untested combinations of toxins on the basis of hysteria-led marketing and a macabre campaign that only benefits profiteering despots…

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CDC report of Pfizer vaccine:

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@Mendrit Thank you for posting this.

I’ve had a look through and the CDC approved GRADE report is really messy…

Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 and deaths are less common, thus, Phase III trials may not be designed or statistically powered to evaluate differences between vaccine and placebo groups.

So the manufacturers admit there is an insufficient threat and therefore data set to complete phase three trials…

As we all know, the overall hospitalisation/mortality rate for covid is statistically very low. This is why so many people are rightfully outraged by the disproportionate measures being taken - it also begs the question of why we need the vaccine at all…

The critical harm of interest was serious adverse events, including vaccine-associated enhanced disease; reactogenicity grade ≥3 was deemed an important harm. SARS-CoV-2 seroconversion and asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections were not included in the evidence profile because no data were available.

Good to see that vaccine reactogenicity made it on the list of serious concerns - considering that triggering accelerated hyper immunity is a known, proven and huge risk factor as evidenced by the SARS related vaccine trials - (the poor animals involved died in droves upon re-exposure having developed a paradoxical immune response to “wild” SARS)…but there was no data on effective seroconversion or asymptomatic infection? - both groups who clearly have zero need for the vaccine, do not represent a viable market /target and who already demonstrate and prove the existence of natural resilience to covid…

Deaths were also uncommon, 2 in the vaccine group and 4 in the placebo group (relative risk: 0.50 (0.09, 2.73)) (Table 3c).

Sorry for the loss experienced by loved ones and family members.

Not quite certain what was in the placebo ingredients, and double the mortality rate of the vaccine group is an alarming and data-adjusting event. But…since deaths from covid are statistically uncommon, two fatalities in the Vaccine group is already presenting a greater percentage than in the population at large…

there were no cases of vaccine-associated enhanced disease or vaccine-related deaths (Table 3d). Grade ≥3 reactions generally were uncommon, and occurred more frequently in the vaccine than placebo groups

This is just contradictory. 2 deaths in the Vaccine group are not considered Vacicne related? But Grade 3 reactions, obviously were?

In terms of harms, the available data indicate that serious adverse events were balanced between the vaccine and placebo arms (RR 1.14; 95% CI 0.89 to 1.47, evidence type 2), and two serious adverse events were judged to be related to vaccination among over 21,000 persons vaccinated. The certainty of this estimate was reduced due to indirectness related to the short duration of follow-up and sample size to assess rare serious adverse events. Reactogenicity grade ≥3 was associated with vaccination (RR 4.27; 95% CI 3.39 to 5.38, evidence type 1). About 9% of vaccine recipients vs. 2% of placebo recipients reported grade ≥3 reactions.

So there was serious harm associated after all. 9% of vaccine recipients? This is very disturbing. The sample group was 21,000. Translate this into global population figures and the vaccine is clearly far more harmful than the disease it is ‘protecting’ against…

The vaccine was also associated with a lower risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19 (RR 0.0; 95% CI 0.0 to 1.10; evidence type 3), corresponding to a vaccine efficacy of 100% (-9.9%, 100%). In addition, the vaccine was associated with a lower risk of all-cause death (RR 0.50, 95% CI 0.09 to 2.73; evidence type 4). The certainty of estimates regarding hospitalization due to COVID-19 and death was reduced due to indirectness and imprecision.

I would have queried how it was possible to quantify an abstract concept like vaccine efficacy in prevention of death or hospitalization? But it seems the issue of ‘indirectness and imprecision’ surrounding such speculation was formally accepted in the report…what a tangled mess of a text…

And in the ‘summary’ charts at the conclusion of this strangely conflicting artefact, we have a reiteration that both SARS-CoV-2 seroconversion and Asymptomatic infection were both technically important features of a conclusive study, but that they were left out?
The only things listed with absolute certainty were Symptomatic laboratory-confirmed COVID-19, Serious adverse events and Reactogenicity grade ≥3 - everything else was subject to small print - a slippery

a Limited number of events were observed in studies identified in the review of evidence.
b Data on outcome not available in studies identified in the review of evidence.

even though all elements were deemed critical or important…

The vaccine ingredients weren’t mentioned - but this frankly sieve like and conflicting ‘GRADE’ report has made the CDC re-title ‘corrupt department of confusion’ far more legitimate than their slogan ‘saving lives protecting people’ This was a really shoddy safety check and hardly a reassuring or conclusive approval of Pffffffizers dodgy jab…I still have no intention of letting any of these vials of venom anywhere near me…

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Remind me again which countries have (errr had) right-wing arseholes for leaders?https://twitter.com/i/status/1338876409922678785

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Most of them, if not all - if right wing means deeply implicated in globalist elitism and gesticulating on the front desk just for show…I’m done with digging for any more evidence onTrump & Biden’s common interest in sexual predation. Its there. Its sickening, End of.


I saw the bar charts - There is no way I’m making light of mortalities - its a terrible loss for everyone left behind. But I have seen the way in which statistics in the UK have been twisted by including the glaring disclaimer 'deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive covid 19 test…
The testing is notoriously inexact too. early on a goat and a mango tested positive and only recently a glass of cola.
There was some gallows humour circulating quite early on about covid curing every known disease as it was impossible to die from anything else…And truthfully, the death rate has definitely increased for other very serious conditions due to resistance to engage with the health services, or hospital cutbacks due to the total focus on covid…suicides, chronic illnesses. There are so many more casualties from the shutdowns and lockups than from the virus itself…but every single one is labelled covid. Doing so is incentivised. Some poor guy lost his son to suicide and went public with righteous indignation as it was labelled ‘covid19’

My point is, I saw the bar chart and the US is spiking hard…I just cannot verify that those deaths are from covid or with covid - but based on the wilful over inflation I;ve witnessed in the UK, and masks/mortalities providing divisive partisan political currency in the US…I would say lockups & shutdowns have caused a rise in mortalities, and loose diagnostic criteria leads to cases being labelled covid. I think there has been a massive surge in the reporting of deaths on a daily basis. Its shocking - but largely unreported to this extent at any point in the past…
Again - truly sorry for anyones loss. Not suggesting deaths from severe respiratory complications due to covid dont exist - simply that the numbers have been ramped up beyond recognition and exploited for political/economic gain the whole way.

Based on the recently released BMJ studies, I can confidently recommend all people considered vulnerable to take 3000-5000 iu of Vitamin D3 with K2 Mk 7 daily, which has been shown to reduce the likelihood and severity of infection, particularly in people with an underlying vitamin D deficiency…

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Clever bit of editing.
Nice tune.
Laughed at first, but text hits a bit of a nerve.




Lots of talk in English state-approved media today of WW2 spirit.
So it it is entirely appropriate that once again Russia steps in to save Brit arse