Discussion of Covid-19 information (No holds barred)

What is this in reference to? Was it meant for someone else?

Sorry I maybe I Should have done general reply. I was replying to the questioning of the 0.4% death rate where a YouTube video posted by @Cryptoskeptic was not deemed a good source.


It isn’t silly when you’re doing things like the following, and you’re supposed to be a moderator:

because mediabiasfactcheck is BS

What part of, ‘It is unethical to control, force, coerce and being an authority over other adults’ don’t you understand? Do you not understand that this is the fundamental problem in society, that some are forcing their will unto others, regardless of what justifications they claim for doing so. It ranges from intimidation to bullying and ultimately slavery. Slavery manifests itself in different forms, but it is still slavery. And covert slavery is what has been imposed on the masses, through a system masquerading as a justice, monetary and economic system. All you need to do is identify the principles to establish this fact. “Am I your property?” is all one has to ask those who are determined to control others. Their answer to that question tells you exactly what you need to know about their motives. Natural (common) law that must be recognized to protect our freedom has been inverted by superimposing Artificial law over society and hereby used to enslave the ignorant or naive masses, due to being deprived off an education rooted in truth and facts. It’s disguised as company policies and guidelines within the work and corporate environment in modern times.

Stop being a disrespectful and condescending Jackass and a coward like the others you mentioned, and don’t tell me and others what we can and cannot say. You are part of the problem when you let other people just walk all over you, and bully you into silence of not calling and bringing them to account. This is how we have arrived at this insane predicament in our anti-civilization. You all claim to be for freedom but don’t believe or live it, let alone defend it.

I understand you have been doing this to others way before I came on this topic, by laying the guilt trip and pulling on their heart strings. You claim you are traumatized but take subtle snide jabs at innocent folks on here. That crap does not work with me. Your lack of compassion and courage for others during these nightmarish era, exposes you as a pretender or an outright coward. Like I said before, I do not care what you believe or think of me. Stay in your lane and just ignore me if you do not like what I am posting or talking about.

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Well if that is deemed not to be a good source blame the CDC

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I’m only asking you to stay on topic, and to that I would add please quit name calling.


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Where is @Sascha the monitor when people are name calling?

And that is your real motive here, an agent provocateur, playing the role of Good Cop. You don’t fool me. Pathetic. Oh, I forgot to mention political correctness that is also used to restrict and censor one’s thinking and freedom of speech.

I know exactly what I am doing, so get the Gestapo to ban or suspend me, but you would not control my thoughts and freedom of expression of truth.

I’m not an agent provocateur. I’m not the Gestapo. I’m not trying to control your thoughts.

Just stay on topic and quit name calling.

You know exactly where you can stick that comment right?

Your efforts to provoke me will be unsuccessful.

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You wouldn’t be worth provoking if I was vibrating on such a low frequency. Let it go, I have told you before that I am quick-sand.

Bitchute is a platform, not a source. They must know that - they are blatantly attempting to censor a whole platform because those who post there are not easily censored. For me this listing makes this “fact checker” completely untrustworthy.


Can I see your sources on that one?

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Sure. They are my own words, opinion, and based on personal experience (at times being guilty of it myself, and alternately, observing it in others).


Dutch PM doing what many do these days by using the term conspiracy to dismiss but ends up looking a little stupid.


It’s frightening how deceptive these people are. Even when blatantly caught out they still lie :rage:


They are professional liars, deceivers, manipulators, abusers and criminals complicit in crimes against humanity for decades. A great number of us well informed about their involvement in these crimes, and many more are waking up to this fact as we speak and are joining the ranks in calling and organizing for the arrest and trial of all the perpetrators behind this crime of the century.

These citizens’ arrests and trials under the jurisdiction of Common Law and international law will be carried out by we the people in tandem with honorable law enforcement as soon as we reach critical mass around the world and are ready to do so without the permission and approval of the state.

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