Discussion of Covid-19 information (No holds barred)

⁣’Dr Mike Yeadon is the former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer…He has a message for the masses around the world…’


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Was a good watch, thanks.
I’d like to say I’m surprised by what was said, but no, not in the slightest.
It’s nice to have the opinion of someone far more knowledgeable on these things though.

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This! ^^

That is a misunderstanding. This forum promotes nothing. It’s mainly a place for discussing the development of particular software.


Have a look at the “about” link at the top of this forum, it links to safenetwork.tech. What is the very first word in the very first paragraph of that site? Freedom.

Scroll a little further down and what is there to say about freedom?

“Everyone should be able to collaborate freely and share ideas; free and unrestricted access to information for everyone around the world.”

“When we’re given the tools to communicate privately and securely we gain the freedom to collaborate and innovate all as one.”

This is a part of the “about” of this forum. The motto of Maidsafe is what “privacy, security, freedom”?

@Dimitar must believe so as he puts it after every single post as a signature. If thats not promoting I suppose I don’t know what is.

Perhaps it should be changed to " Privacy Security and Freedom for all". *

*When you are in front of your computer.


I promote the Safe Network, not this forum. The forum has its own rules and we do not allow them to be violated, because we have all agreed to follow them while posting here.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I see on one of those posters a link for this forum. That is not promoting this forum?

Not sure what that has to do with what is being discussed.

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You are posting in a topic that is no holds barred. It’s a place to allow all ideas arguments/counter arguments etc. You should feel you can speak here without fear or retribution as long as you follow the simple and easy guidelines. It’s a free topic and it’s not clear what your argument is here about covid?

Perhaps lay out your thoughts or claims and then engage. We are all here to hopefully help each other.

You seem to claim pharma is corrupt so there is no pandemic. This is where I disagree, not with the first part, but certainly with the last part. Others may be inclined in other directions, but is that not what discourse is? I don’t feel this topic restricts thoughts, but even if majority seem not in agreement then the argument is not strong enough.

Like corrupt pharma does not mean the pandemic is not real, opposing thoughts does not make those people stupid or sheep. The relations are too tenuous.

So I encourage you to engage in reasoned debate and not go on the offensive. Let’s use reason, encouragement and hope nobody accepts any data without questioning it. If you attack, folk will ignore/defend and then your discourse is gone. So reasoned debate, make your claim and back it up.


I am fully aware of that. In fact, I contacted the OP way back when to make his title more inviting for folk, this was to get away from the other covid topic which mods were taking over and eventually, as I foresaw, shut it down.

Actually, my first post was very clear imo. It wasn’t about covid specifically per say. It was about the communities attitude towards those that question covid and their name calling “conspiracy theorist” etc instead of being

This is something I have never said. I have asked a lot of “why” questions all of which are repeatedly ignored. I have also been trying to understand the hypocrisy of theories about bankers being readily accepted but not those of covid.

This has been exactly my complaint so I am not sure of the confusion.

“Make your claim and back it up”. This is exactly what people have been doing but instead of discussing it questioning posters are labeled Conspiracy theorist ! Anti-vaxxer ! Anti-masker ! Pandemic denier ! Anti-science !

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I will try and help for maybe the last time.

We probably all are.

Folk that oppose vaccines (it’s quite binary and easily rebuked)

Folk who oppose masks (it’s quite binary and easily rebuked)

Folk who deny there is/was a pandemic (it’s quite binary and easily rebuked)

This one is just silly, science is all about questions a very few absolutes. It’s like saying anti-new find in space or some such silly stuff. Science like Engineering is a journey to find what we don’t know. Unless we know what we don’t know then how can we deny it. This pandemic has folk trying to say “here is the science” when there is no such thing as “the science”. Scientists all debate with each other and that is what moves us forward.

So when folk say “here is the science” they really mean “here is an opinion from a scientist” and that’s always open to debate and scrutiny and should never every be taken as red, from either side.

So what is your claim? I cannot find your first post (I have not looked)


My “claim” is to

My first post:

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So is your claim I distrust bankers and some folk disagree with you on covid, but you don’t say which claim you make about covid? It’s confusing. You say you were ahead of the curve, but with what conclusion?

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I was editing my previous reply to make it more clear. I stated in my first post that my conclusion was it was a lot of fear mongering. And obviously that conclusion has been evolving since then. But again, the post wasn’t about all that, it was about the atmosphere of the discussions regarding covid and its consequences on this forum.

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Best not to bin all those masks on the 19th, here we go again. Again :weary:

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Not any more really David unless you consider the MRNA “vaccine” to be a vaccine. One that has never been tested on humans before and has no long-term testing. One that is not a vaccine in the traditional sense. So, its debatable.

I appreciate your replies to the “labels”. Perhaps those that use these labels could take your responses to heart.

My experience is people use those labels to shut down the conversation.


I really don’t get it.

You want freedom , to discuss or whatever, and you have it, in this thread at least.

You asking why others are acting in a certain way, well, they also have that freedom to express themselves in this thread.

If you don’t like it, you don’t have to participate, and you have the freedom to decide.

It is what it is, just like all things in life, some you like, some you don’t, that’s just how it goes.





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A while back I shared opinion about Covid and the WEF and the stolen election in the U.S. (stolen is stolen, even if stolen from a crook), but ran into the same thing that @Haigha is talking about.

The reason I shared my opinion about those things here is because

a) with the ‘great reset’ upon us, these issues are exceedingly important
b) you can’t share such opinion on facebook, twitter, etc
c) I thought SAFE was all about (b)

But the moderators here set me straight, that the fountains of conventional wisdom, such as you @Southside and others, shall rule here.


I really don’t get it either. I clearly stated my thoughts in my first post. It seems, as I have experienced on this forum before, most reply posts are just reactionary and not actually responding to my message. It feels as if people don’t read but just skim.

Again, this has not been my point. I feel I am having to repeat myself over and over. My point has been about how close-minded this community has been towards covid and it’s consequences and the mainstream labeling of members that question the narrative.

I know this, and I have been around for six years now, with high hopes that this community would be open to legitimate conversations. My high hopes have been so because it is, I thought, a community focused on Security, Privacy, and Freedom. Again, repeating myself but it seems I was wrong and those values are only looked at from a technological perspective.

Sure, but when it comes down to the sacrifice of Privacy, Security, and Freedom for the human race I feel I have to speak up. And again I expected a more constructive debate from this community.


This forum is not the Safe Network, different things - different rules.

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Thank you for speaking up !

This again @Dimitar has not much to do with the discussion at hand.

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