Discussion of Covid-19 information (No holds barred)

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People do not understand that when the government says they need 30,000 respirators, that means that they expect to need so much at the peak…

Those reporters are scum, they pick areas with very low infection and try and get into the hospital to interview infected people. They tell only part of the story and typical are the conspiracy people who do not believe the virus even exists.

If a state has 1000 people infected now and 10,000 hospitals then guess how many per hospital. Even if it was 1000 people and 10 hospitals, that is 1000 over 10 days into 10 hospitals. 10 per day per hospital for the 10 days. You have to be lucky to see the people entering via an alternate entry at the rate of 1 per 2.5 hours

They pick the media being lazy and reusing footage. But this happens a lot to give people a concept of what happening.

The flat earthers are now doing this a lot.

My grand (or is it great) niece is a ICU nurse and there are patients in her hospital.

Italy has rows and rows of dead people to be put in coffins and buried.

So these supposed reporters are idiots.

BUT I do agree that the media is/was making this is a extinction event. And it is hurting.

Hospitals have a different area for people to attend if they believe they have the virus so they can be handled properly, and these guys go in the normal entry which specifically does not have any suspected virus people. Because they do not want emergency patients infected


Always good to check the source for credibility:

Dana Ashlie

We were told that these days would be this way. On this channel, I link biblical prophecy to current day events and point to the only real solution. Jesus of Nazareth’s orignal followers were said to follow “The Way” and thus, they were ‘Keepers of the Way’. I think this is a far better name than “Christian” for several reasons but “The Way” implies ACTION, it implies a NEW WAY of LIFE. Whereas the other is simply a noun, a label. The time for labels is over, we are to follow HIM…the Way the Truth and the Life. May Peace be with you and May the Truth, Set you FREE.


Yes, 400 will not meet demand and it is so far under the potential need to be next to useless. Yes it will help 400 people at a time (2-4 weeks needed for each person) and when they are expecting 100,000 people in NY to need the equipment then 400 might save a few thousand people, but the doctors have to effectively sign a death warrant for 10’s of thousands

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How a man with a $100 monthly Internet connection figured out the true extent of the coronavirus, and has been tracking it since January.

I personally have a lot to thank the guy in the following video. I read a few other things on the Internet on the run up to this, but this guy helped a lot. He helped me help others.

As he says in the video, what’s the point in spending billions of $ of tax payers money in security related services, spying etc… Only to get it wrong… and to be shown up buy one guys spending $100 a month.

Governments currently say “No way of knowing” how bad it could have been. “China concealed the true numbers”… Yet the NSA has been found out to tap many world leaders, including Angela Merkal.

The guy in the video doesn’t have access to the spy resources, he used his brain.

The security services of the USA and other countries have been put to shame.

When I hear in the UK media today, that our slow response to the crisis was because China was hiding the true extent… I. cannot. Take. The. UK. Media. Or. Government. Seriously.

What do we pay top brains for?

The prediction and analysis of the guy in the video, and others are timestamped on the Internet for all to see. The government statements at the same timestamps verge on criminal negligence.

Should also mention that the guy in the video was a target of a smear campaign while blowing the whistle early.


Rest assured that the secret services knew what was happening in China. This does not prevent decision makers from being like the other 70% people incapable of acting in crisis…

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I would probably be classed as a “conspiracy theorist” but then again so would most people in this forum for believing the safe network is needed.

I find it very hard to believe what I’m being told and the timing is impeccable for the financial crash that was inevitable after the cracks were papered over after the 2008 crash.

We have had austerity measures in place in the uk since the 2008 crash which Has resulted in less police, nurses, firemen and social carers but suddenly there is roughly £500 billion to combat the effects of this virus. Not one journalist has asked where is this money coming from? Or better still how is getting payed back?


@neo what about the lady who said she was overwhelmed with people coming to get tested and when the ‘journalist’ confronted her she didn’t seem to pleased?

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This is indeed an interesting question that I’ve wondering myself. The fact that this is a global event makes it even more interesting as money, at the end of the day, is just a tradable proxy for trust in the near future. I should imagine there will need to be some sort of reset, but what and how I have no idea. I really don’t buy the idea of the virus as an excuse for this though - although there will be those taking advantage like Orban in Hungary. Epidemiologists have been saying we’re overdue a pandemic for years, unfortunately no-one paid enough attention.


I just find it a little to convenient @JPL. I do believe the virus is real but is no where near as dangerous as they are making out. I don’t see it being any more dangerous than seasonal flu or h1n1, which infected between 1.5 - 2 billion people worldwide. Another issue I have is the virus is not decimating poorer countries with poor hygiene and cramped living conditions. I guess time will tell and we will see if the cure really was worse than the virus.

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See all these trillions of debt we all owe…

Just exactly who do we owe it to? And where did they get all that money to lend it to us in the first place?

And would it not be simpler simply to remove those to whom we owe the debt? Or did they try that before and get it wrong?


I think we owe it to the central bankers computers and they want it :joy: I am a firm believer that it’s time to get rid of these creditors… whoever they are :+1:t2:


It’s a farce.
Right now it works in many ways, but one is:
Say UK owes $5 to the USA and the USA owes $5 to the UK. The total debt is counted as $10, when in fact it’s zero.
Then central banks and QE and bonds just make it much worse, but the debt is an illusion.


Nah - my paranoia is evidence-based!


We now basically have a debt financial system. Its manipulated a lot.

In Australia the government issues “government bonds” to the public and companies and super funds with a lot more money than what the government is giving out. So the government will be owing the super funds a lot of money with interest. Government bonds is what you could call good debt since the interest the government pays goes back into the economy of Australia and thus taxed. The great circle of money continues. don’t blame me for the joke. :wink:

And our taxes will rise for sure.

The government is taking part ownership in some big companies.

There are a number of ways our government is raising the money to give the people.

And at the end of the day its electronic money and only a portion is in cash. Thus I am sure there is some of the old “printing money” going on too. The result will be increased inflation afterwards, increased interest rates on official loan rate.

Our reserve bank is a government entity that runs itself under legislation and all profits from it go back to the government, so when they raise the official interest rate the government rakes in the profit.

That is basically how Australia is able to give out all the money it is giving out. And Australians will be paying for this for years to come. Mind you we already had a budget excess which helped a lot here. I think in terms of 1/4 the money the government gave out so far.

EDIT: Oh and some government programs worth billions went on hold too.


We shouldn’t be looking into this anyway it’s not our business, there is a pandemic ongoing as we speak. We need to go wash our hands and sit and wait for the government to tell us what to do, like when we are allowed to be released from our own homes, we are all in this together and will get through this and we need to be ready to work extra hard to pay all this money back for the next 20 years. There’s no time to look into the absolute joke shop that is the modern banking/tax system.


I don’t know what you base this on but there is no comparison.

Today COVID-19 overtook tuberculosis as the world’s most deadly disease.

Over 1,000 people per day are dying directly from COVID-19 in the USA. This is rising very rapidly, and does not count those who will die unnecessarily from all manner of other conditions because they can’t get treatment when the health service is overwhelmed.

Here’s one example from the Our World In Data team at Oxford University.

I’ve been following their twitter.com/maxcroser for weeks and they provide very well informed analysis in easily digestible visualisations.

I think the explanation here is that the virus spreads through human contact and the first places to receive infected humans were among the most connected countries. Then it hops quickly from region to region in economies where people travel farthest most frequently.

You are correct that time will tell, and I have little doubt that poor countries will be far more severely impacted by this, and that we should be ready to help them. We will not have to wait long:

It is dangerous to talk down the seriousness of COVID-19 because this is only the start and we will need to keep taking it seriously for many months, or a lot more people will die than necessary. Even Trump seems to have stopped doing it.


This twitter thread by Erik Townsend dated 9th Feb is one of the earliest popular general warnings about the pandemic, also mentions youtube/media treatment of Chris Marteson before that date. Erik Townsend also has quite a few freely available interviews and discussions about the highly levered economic system and the likely consequences of any unwinding over on his free investing site. Personally I think Jeff Snider who is also interviewed extensively on Macro Voices has been the longest running and giving the clearest warnings about the problems in the global monetary system and what the likely consequences will be for places like Australia, Europe etc if the monetary authorities do not learn from their past (and presently repeating) mistakes.

Consider credit to be a promise and it becomes much easier to understand.

Anyone can make promises to do something in the future. If you are happy to take their word for it, then they are in your debt. Nothing pre existing was needed to create this debt - it is just a promise to do something in the future.

The state makes promises on our behalf, through issuing gilts. Those who buy the gilts become the creditors. They are often pension funds who wish to park money somewhere safe, with low returns.

The state then spends the credit on whatever they want. It is repaid through taxation by running a surplus (receiving more in tax than they spend). This seldomly happens as even a small deficit is referred to as austerity and the root of all evil.

On the other side of the monetary system you have bank credit, which is usually secured against something. Mortgages are a popular example of secured lending, which essentially creates credit out of your promise to repay the mortgage.

There isn’t really a limit on how much credit is created (or inversely, debt). If people are prepared to give 30 years of their productivity to pay for a mortgage, then the prices adjust to compensate. Equally, it means that most people must agree to do the same or be priced out.

Once again, the creditors are often pension funds or other safety seeking investors. So, do the creditors need paying? You may ask do pensioners need to be defaulted on and their pension pots vaporized.

Lending someone something physical is completely different and unrelated to the monetary system.

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