Discussion: Can a DAO work for the Safe Network

I would like to use this thread to discuss the possibilities of a Safe Network Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO); the pluses and minuses; the roadblocks; and general functionality in regards to Maidsafe and related corporate entities legal obligations and/or threats from State actors -gov. agencies/politicians, etc.

As I understand, a DAO is a type of smart contract that allows those who own tokens of a particular type to vote for proposals submitted to the contract for voting.

As such, it is not subject to the external governmental pressures to which a normal corporation is subject.

– I will add to this OP as needed to correct or enhance it.


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I’ve brought up the idea of a DAO at least a couple of times on the forum (probably more) and in the two times I recall, including today in the update thread, someone from Maidsafe has given me a negative vibe about it.

This leads me to believe that Maidsafe has considered a DAO in the past and for some reasons it was considered to not be as good a solution or even a non-starter.

I would thus like to hear what has been discussed by Maidsafe here if possible as that would be a good starting point in attempting to understand the problems and then to attempt to find solutions.

I understand the goal of a DAO but have never seen it work. The variables are enormous. I do believe though that for a tiny set of “rules” you could make one work in limited ways. I also read a wee while back devs associated with DAOs will be held responsible for them. So there are attacks even there in the presumption of purity of code and invisibility of the humans who create and maintain the code. Many of the latter want paid or in fact scam some loot. It’s a great goal, but requires some serious thought IMO on the absolute minimum rules and maybe a dao is really many many daos that collaborate? I am not sure.


I’m maybe starting to wrap my head around the difficulty. Corporate entities are vast and it’s easy to emulate them. DAO’s are tiny in number and few successful, so where to start, how to do it? IDK.

Off the top of my head the main one I have heard of is Maker DAO. They successfully created and govern the DAI (dollar stablecoin). Despite all the negativity on stablecoins these days (no thanks LUNA and Tether), the DAI token has been going well. Anyway, as an example of one DAO that is working (so far):


edit: I’m going to do much more reading on DAO’s and post some links … may take a little while.


How much power would you propose giving the DAO?
I would hate to see network control potentially handed to a few uber whales.


I’m not proposing anything specific yet - still learning. But there are weighted voting mechanisms that can and have been implemented for DAO’s.

TLDR: A community built and run DAO will be great in the future post launch. But not going to be helpful for Maidsafe to create one.

After studying DAO’s and thinking on this for a while I thought I’d sorta close out this thread (for my part and for the time being anyway) …

I don’t see any advantage for Maidsafe to do anything here - simply as they have obligations (under their current corporate model) and can’t switch to a defi model - they could only adopt it as a separate entity and there isn’t any significant advantage but there is significant costs/duties/burdens.

I do think that in the future it would make good sense for safe network supporters to create one or more DAO’s to support network development and maintenance. Possibly this could be done via staking the new eMAID token in such a DAO.

Yet it’s too early for that IMO … the network will need to be in beta and the value of our tokens needs to be much higher.