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I don’t want the topic changed, just the content to be in tune with it and of interest to the community. If you mean the content, it doesn’t solve the issue - of a topic that isn’t useful and which mods have to keep cleaning up. You can have a dedicated thread for what you want to post if you want, you don’t have to keep posting and debating it here.


Its a VERY broad subject - “Whats up today” I post stuff I find interesting that may (or not) be relevant to previous discussions that I have come across today. Mostly IMHO they touch on Privacy. Security. Freedom or the lack of it - but as I have already alluded to - thats a VERY broad set of issues.

Learn to start new threads on whatever topic you like; there’s no need to dump it on [What’s up today].

The difference being that your posts tempt discussion. [What’s up today] is or was doing well as a place for noting interesting external links. Provocative can have new threads.


IMO, WUT thread is about news, events, discoveries. Not general opinion. If opinion is desired to be left for a specific item on WUT, then simply start a new thread referencing the item in WUT.


One selfish troll :roll_eyes:
Take note of what others are suggesting ffs.

Perhaps the thread should have a more specific title then.

Something a little more catchy than “Strictly relevant stuff from elsewhere our eagle-eyed correspondents have noted” but if that is what folk WANT WUT to be/become then thats entirely cool by me.

You post and even you realise how stupid it is and delete it…
and yet you have to post a repeat ad nauseam.

Suffer your own stupid and don’t impose on others - it’s the golden rule.
It is not hard to understand.

The point has been made that your spamming that thread with opinion is not appreciated. If you want to make thread with whatever title is relevant then go ahead… happy to have discussions on topic and even in depth where they are interesting but don’t expect mods and others to have to waste time and mop up after you. Don’t waste other people’s time with nonsense!


Its NOT stupid AT ALL

I deleted it to “lower the temperature” - I stand fully by what I said – but you want to turn the gas up again?

So can we have a little dissection of my suggestion that ALL posts - unless clearly tech, marketing or price action get moved to an area accessible only to “established” members?

That way, we present a coherent tech-focussed front to those new to the project and we can all get to have our say somewhere “away from the children” .
I myself have complained about the signal/noise ratio on the forum in general - Lets present a front that mirrors what unites us rather then what some are determined to label as divisive…

No one is trying to tell you what to do. We are simply appealing to common sense.
You are trying to force your opinion at odds with others.

Don’t spam that thread with opinion - that is all.

If you post provocative, expect a kick back.

Think… more.

You are quite capable of starting new threads and creating interesting discussions… just don’t clutter other threads… allow people a choice of what they engage with you on. Don’t force yourself and your opinions… that is noise that others will not appreciate.

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That;s fair enough - however I am far from the only offender in this regard - though I seem to have won the accolade of the recent worst offender :slight_smile: Hell I’ll take all the awards I can get …

I STILL think that the forum as a whole is not sufficiently tech-orientated - or marketing-focussed and the trading folks will always want to talk prices of MAID and other coins. Surely these are sufficient topics to put in the front window? - It shows we are determined to get this thing done and the off-topic stuff, the “philosophy” and all that surrounds it and is arguable is there but not the first thing a newcomer is subjected to.

Partly the the issue arises just at this time cos there is a bit of a hiatus on the release front, the devs are busy devving and leaves us punters with to much time on their hands…
If anyone is looking for something to contribute check out what @folaht has just posted SAFE Network App for ARM? - #38 by folaht

The “why”, that you try dismiss… is critical.

Those who dislike this project would love to hide the “why”, as it is uncomfortable just how much of a motivation there is from real world issues that are so at odds with privacy; security; and freedom. Nothing sells this project better than the why… the “philosophy” is just the some of thinking that naturally follows and is the glue that binds all sorts of real problems and the solutions required to solve them.

We need to see tools that empower individuals and do away with that corruption and centralised power that thinks it makes no error - that is progress. Even good intentions error because of systemic, better that individuals have tools than ever they are dependant on their masters… or those who suffer a master complex. The selfish and stupid like to impose… but people deserve better.

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And now is YOU that is spouting “opinion”
And I just had a wee check back in WUT - Almost ALL of what I have posted there is in reaction to other posts or is in fact hard news - graves of Native kids in Canada. It seems that what is getting up your noses is my “opinions” on these stories…

So maybe YOU just step back and think a little about privacy; security; and freedom.

And FWIW Id rather have centralised power that thinks it can do no wrong than decentralised moneymen who can do no wrong because they have the guns and our wonderful freedom-loving anarchists have done away with the laws - but thats just my opinion - and it is every bit as valid as your opinion.

Seems you would have this place flooded with loon-balls like Elsie “Calimero” Dee

Its a tech project using tech to do good stuff (we hope) Keep yer philosophy to one side. Bits n bytes and CPUs, like viruses, do not give one flying eff about who is morally superior or otherwise.

You are cluttering a thread that is more pointers to external links.
You know well enough what you are doing is dull.
If you want to have a thread that is commentary on the WUT then do that… and others can choose to engage or not.

and one that is not thought through.

saying shit does not make it true.

You forget the people are not just bits and bytes… just like the technocrats who would make the world as dull as they are… imposing their stupid because they know better… creating increasingly large liabilities and risk and caring not for the fallout because it’s just people that suffer… other people. Organised crime is organised… and calls itself Government… and one essential they do not understand, is morality.

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I do not - not at all. But though our outlooks, opinions may vary what we are working to achieve is based on physics and basic maths and Information Theory and these things are pretty much constants, no matter the colour of your shirt or your choice of gender or whether you worship Allah or Albion Rovers.
I think everyone here is pretty much signed up to Safe Network

To me - on the front page of the forum - thats ALL the philosophy we need.
Anything else, as we have just proven quite conclusively, is divisive.

That is simply an anarchist soundbite, an opinion that has a little basis in fact and is used to denigrate hard-working folks across the planet by right-wing nutjobs - sorry its simply an opinion and an ill-thought out one at that.

You’ve proven nothing.

Privacy; Security; and Freedom, each and together matter.
These are fundamentals that are degraded by those who are selfish and stupid.
Seeing those valued is a breath of fresh air in a stifled environment.

Drink your brain wash and believe looking to the past is best but the difference that real world topics make obvious is that good intentions are not sufficient… consequences follow from errors… moral corruption fails over the longer term… the slippery slope errors is a quagmire that requires exponential growth and funding and people. It’s not sustainable, like so much of what follows from those who “know” without basis.

Working hard is all very well but tools allow us to be effective.

If an organisation acts in the way that organised crime would act, then what difference?.. whose interests are promoted?.. whose interests are stifled?.. and on what basis. Their defence is word salads and vapid nonsense… and we deserve better.

There are those who think that remaining in the dark ages is best - they fear what they do not understand… and there are those of us who value Privacy; Security; and Freedom… along with other base principals - like the golden rule - which is the proper basis for Government and law. Those with good intentions forget themselves and overreach into crime and then expect not to be criticized because they work hard?.. not good enough.

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I proved it was divisive…apart from that , to use one of your own words back at you, what follows is vapid nonsense, dreaming … nothing more. A mish mash of everything is black and white- all govt is bad - utter mince. A LOT of Govt is bad, not all of it. Or do you just want to let Branson, Musk and Zuckerberg and all the bankers behind them run riot anyway? You are all over the place pal…

Get it clear, we are NOT going to save the world with the SAFE Network, With a lot more hard work from the devs and support from the community we MAY produce a technical mechanism that will deliver on the 20 Fundamental points in Safe Network

Thats it, that’s all. A mechanism by which we can communicate securely without eavesdropping (provided you follow ALL of the other precautions against keyloggers and spying devices in your home etc etc etc for a loooong list ) Now that is certainly worth striving for. We may be able to achieve a measure of mitigation of earnings inequality in certain limited situations as well. But if you think that on its own is going to save humanity then you are kidding yourself. So save the philosophy for later, stop telling me what I can and cannot say and provide what practical help you can to make David and the teams job easier.

And remember, no matter how hard we try Musk and Zuckerberg and the investor class behind them can afford plenty $20 wrenches to smack you in the skull to get your secure passphrase off you. Get real. Get pragmatic and take what wins we can, accept support from where it presents itself and stop wasting time dancing on the head of philosophic pins.

You proved only your own confusions.

Misstating others is a base tactic and shows disrespect for others. Casting topics as necessarily a confusion of black and white, is as unoriginal as the error-repeat until done methodology of those who hold us back.

Yes, obviously there is not one silver bullet for all problems… yes, obviously abc… learn your abcs.

You can say whatever you like but like a child or like Government - it does not necessarily make you right; it does not necessarily prove anything significant; and it does not require that others sign up to your confusions.

Thinking is not a waste of time… those who do not like progress or innovation, dislike thinking.

Again trying to be offensive is not attractive.

So easily triggered by basic concepts that resolve what is right and what is wrong… read your own word salads… a lack of coherence and basic common sense. Keep such confusions off-topic… and stop spamming for attention.

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Please resolve personal disputes over PM.



Let me know what you think about it guys

What’s up Today continues to be a poor shop window after a brief respite, so I’d like to propose we limit what’s acceptable in that topic and flag/delete posts which reflect poorly on this community.

We can have a more free off-topic equivalent if that helps, but I don’t think it’s a helpful thing for people to encounter at the top of the forum feed in its current form.

I’d rather not move it off topic because I think as a place for relevant links, news and current blog posts is very usual.

If you disagree, please explain your reasoning. If you agree, do you have suggestions for what you think should be unacceptable?