Discussion about the videos AltcoinXP has on Youtube concerning the SAFE Network

Someone from the team should address this guy’s concerns:

[video removed by me after seeing discussion and realising video doesn’t have any serious points to answer]

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I think he is clever in that what he is doing is driving viewers to his nonsense. He is making ad revenue.
I also stupidly supplied him with some traffic.


Sometimes its best to let these people go their merry way. They are like the shock Jocks of the crypto world. They only do it to get viewers (money income ad revenue) and no matter what you say, no matter how well you dispel their criticisms they will always come back with more, or just ignore you and carry on attempting to get people.

Just install ad blocker and these guys get nothing. If you want to support a creator then turn off ad blocker for that vid.


This guy is so ridiculous. Maidsafe have been very open and joke about Alpha 1 “ironically” running on servers till vaults were ready. In every interview after Alpha 1 with David or Nick it’s been mentioned. This guy must have rushed to do this video with news of a vault run Alpha 2 just around the corner.


okay … to be honest … in my eyes it is not even worth commenting … but just for the sake of clarification if someone reads it here …

he admits he ends up at a different nodes when he connects multiple times -> so there are different endpoints (-> many endpoints -> distributed delivery of data)
when he is connected he keeps this one connection -> WHY ON ALL EARTH should the connection change when the connection IS established …!!!
…to have data coming in from many different servers all those server would need to know what files you want and would need to know your IP Address (and all intermediate nodes would have that info too in case they have your requested data) … the whole point in an anonymous network is that THIS does Not happen! … data is routed internally via Vaults and then delivered to you via your access point (which as far as i know does know your ip address but not the content of your data request) …
what he expects is seeing an open non-anonymous network where files are routed directly to the storage location and retrieved there … so … emule/kazaa-like … that wouldn’t even be something new or hard to do … but as mentioned wouldn’t be what maidsafe promises …

ps: and isn’t that the same very worried guy who uploaded the video about data threshold-whatever and blocked comments 'because he has not the time to talk to maidsafe" for clarifying if he is not sure about something…?


He has no understanding of the network or how it works. His logic seems to be, if it’s decentralised I should see the same thing I do with bitcoin QT. But the two systems are very different. He also seems to be using the alpha, which is not truly decentralised. It’s disappointing really that he didn’t come talk to us, because we could have helped him.

He came into reddit briefly about a week ago and I answered a couple of his questions so I might ping him and suggest he do so.

Daniel retweeted this video on Twitter, and if he’s viewed this he’ll know it’s rubbish, because he isn’t stupid and knows the basics even if he’s not up to date.

IMO we can ignore it because it is either malevolent, or ignorant and the project will soon be in people’s hands whether this gets viewed or not.

I’ll send Anthony a link to this post and see if he’s interested in learning how the network works rather than spinning uninformed conspiracy.


“Never assume malice, when it can explained with incompetence” - Hanlon’s razor


I couldn’t bear to watch more than 30 seconds of it because of his monotone voice and greasy appearance.

If this guy is hoping to make a success of youtube videos he’s not going to get far ;). Even resorting to clickbait isn’t going to help if the viewers are all shuddering as soon as they’re faced with him.

Ha, why does that not surprise me at all?

Life is full of Mike Hearn types, just close the man-hole cover and forget about them imo, they all get flushed away in time.


Poor chap. Looks and sounds like a proper berk.

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He’s not interested - he’s a troll. I tried engaging him politely, and to be fair he was also polite, but also said he ‘doesn’t have time’ to actually look into the network or engage people who know more than him about it.

As others have said, he wants views, or to spread FUD, but isn’t interested in digging deeper to figure out whether what he says is correct or not.

Worth commenting if he posts on reddit, but not on his YouTube videos because he’ll delete comments he doesn’t like.


I messaged him directly on reddit and left a corrective comment on his reddit post for that video, also with a polite invitation. I thinks that’s more than enough.

With the last update, it’s clear progress is going to pick up speed and people will start to hear about it more and more. Get ready folks - won’t it be great to have lots of new folks coming here and wanting to try it out, ask questions etc :slight_smile:


His characteristically monotone voice and his attitude makes me think he might be an aspie (someone with Aspergers). It is a common trait to have low emotional intelligence and to be particularly stubborn (never will admit to be wrong, as it damages his fragile sense of self-esteem.)
Let him be, and lets stop promoting his channel.


‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’

This what I commented on his first video “Have you gone on the official forum(safenetforum.org) and posed any of these concerns? If you have could you link to your posts on the forum. Thank you.” He flat out refused to do so citing he was making videos on all crypto’s and it’d take away from him making more videos, but anything I’d like clarified could be done in the comments on his videos.

I think he understands the support Maidsafe has from the community and expects people to blow up the comment section to draw attention to him. It’s sad how we live in a world where so many people are more concerned with gaining attention then spreading the truth.

Thank you baby jesus for Maidsafe! :slight_smile:


Not a whole lot we can do about it beside not rewarding it with our attention. If he has got concerns he is more then welcome to join this community. As this is off topic I suggest mods move this conversation into Off-topic.

My 2c.


Happy to say I got a positive response from Anthony:


So let’s be helpful if he comes calling :slight_smile:


Lol I just checked the reddit message and saw dallysalla’s comment "I am glad people are willing to ask the hard questions"
Wasn’t he supposed to understand how it works? Even he should know these are not hard questions, but misinformed incomplete conjectures of it.

Why on Earth did he become such a troll? Did anyone from the team steal his girlfriend or something?


DillyDally… my vote for next CEP is a decentralized exchange.


Yeah, I saw that and lol’d. Either he watched it, doesn’t understand and isn’t as bright as many gave him credit for. Or he didn’t even bother watching it and he’s just a vindictive troll whose only concern is adding to any negativity he can find. Take your pick?! :pensive:

Seconded, it’s desperately needed.


I was actually just thinking of seeing if we could get a poll started about CEP and my vote was also p2p decentralized exchange like the bitsquare model! Beat me to it @Savage @Jabba though I’m not sure about the poll part. @neo?


you can create a poll by clicking on the “gear” icon in the reply post entry box’s menu and choosing the poll option.