Discourse Team playing my escape game!

Very happy and proud to say the Discourse Team is playing my escape game today! Both teams escaped ! So cool.

And the full team with me kinda in the middle (in the green long sleeve):
And the next half of the Discourse team:
And another one of me all chuffed up.


It sounds fun. Where is it? Did they enjoy it?

My Escape Game is in Thuir, France. My website (in french) (sorry the website is only in French but the game can be played in English).

They seemed to have a great time, The gentleman front middle is co-founder from Toronto, it was his 6th Escape Game and he said it was the best he had played. The gentleman in the blue tee shirt is the founder, he enjoyed it but criticized that the first room was too big and could have been separated into two. A valid criticism really. Oh, and during the first game the power cut so the team had to sit in the dark for five minutes, first time this has happened and of course it was during their game, they were great players about it, they said they thought it was part of the game at first, but then just had a seat and chatted in the dark, i was running around trying to get it back on, couldnt find the key for the fuseboxes etc. Worked out in the end though. Added to my adventure.

I was really stoked, the World is tiny.


Beautiful website! But what exactly is this game? You gotta escape from a room or what?

Thanks. Yup, escape from the room, although mine is an old french wine cave, more of an adventure searching for the elixir of life. For my game think Indiana Jones, Goonies, and Crystal Maze, cheesy preview for Crystal Maze there but gets the idea across.


Goonies! I loved them when I was a child lol! Watched them again couple of months ago by chance, it was… interesting haha :smiley:

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"Start the fans, please!"
Wasn’t it the man from ‘The Crystal Maze’ who did ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’? Richard O’Brien? I used to like ‘The Crystal Maze’.

The guy in a blue tee shirt is Jeff “Coding Horror” Atwood. We had a little interaction on a discussion forum about 3 weeks ago.

Tiny world indeed.