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Continuing the discussion from Slack leaks email adresses:

As we’ve discussed, I support migrating support for installs and config to discord. However, the linked thread may indicate that it might be best for the community to use discord over slack, regardless of what the Maidsafe guys are using.

Would anyone who is interested in any of the @initiatives be opposed to migrating future chat discussion over to Discord?


The only thing is, Discord might be vulnerable as well… Slack is blatantly vulnerable, early on I recall agreeing slack is temporary and to not be used to share and store sensitive data…

Discord might be much better since it doesnt delete chat history etc… but still no sensitive communications of things like passwords etc…

As well for support due to group voice communication for immediate assistance


Would the IRC channel on Freenode work for the purpose of installs and config work?


Just seems a lot of work to have someone sign up for another account they most likely won’t ever use again just to get on the SAFE Network. Plus the possibility of another hack exposing everybody’s account information.


discord doesn’t require accounts


irc does the job , and even more.
Just learn screen and irssi or xchat, and all the shiney features of slack / discord appear as pure cosmetic marketing.
At some point, having a native safe solution would be the graal , of course :slight_smile:


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Four fully functional solutions to any chatting woes:


Four really good self-hosted chat alternatives. If anyone in the community wanted to set this up, I would be glad to chat with them about this.

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I am happy to set them up for you. Which one?

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Why not #maidsafe? It’s been in use for a while now. Not much activity do

An interesting point that is being brought to fruition recently is the change of the name away from “Maidsafe” (the company) towards “Safe Network” (the community).

Don’t get me wrong, this is 100% about branding. However, it’s the case that we don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. So expect that more and more of what is being created and showcased by the community will be under the “Safe Network” brand, as opposed to the “Maidsafe” brand.

This includes all support channels too. So any chat/mailing list/etc would need to be branded under “Safe Network” unless it is run directly by Maidsafe (the company). In which case, they are free to use their own name!


I’ll join both channels :slight_smile: There should be no barriar for people to use IRC with tools like Kiwi IRC


We had an IRC bridge via Kiwi ready at some point, hosted on the wiki server. It wasn’t used that much, so we removed the link again.

If need be, I can fire the VM up again. But first, it should be clear whether IRC is the way to go (I vote yes).

Maybe we should set up a poll and promote the poll in the slack channel itself.


Eh, polls are so blase.

I’m glad to hear that the functionality is available, and I as well do like the concept of having IRC support available - especially considering the technical level that many of the early adopters are bound to have.

At this point, I’m glad that we have so many options available to us, and would like to capitalize on this just as much as we can. How we do that, I’m not sure at this time. Especially considering the limited (knowledgable) manpower that is available to us to be available through multiple avenues.

I will say, however, that there definitely needs to be more than one option for newcomers to use. Period.

#safenetwork is in activity since quite long too apparently, but most of all it is officially registered and maintened by @frabrunelle as the safenetwork.io irc channel, it has Ops, a Chanserv camper, and official freenode support with possible cloaks. It has a low activity these days, but people in here do communicate and have actual knowledge about Safe recent developments.

#maidsafe turned into a ghost channel with time, people here are almost only idling poloniex traders watching for news. Other than sporadic mentions of the maidsafecoin price and trollbox gossip, it is silent and no one has any useful knowledge or information to share. The channel lost ops too.


I think it is important to know what the (interested) majority of the community thinks is the best option, that’s why I suggested a poll.

If most of the people still prefer slack over IRC, there is no real point in directing newcomers to IRC, is there?

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For the record, any safecoin trolling, gossip, etc. is best found at @dallyshalla’s safeexchange forums

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As a newcomer, I would appreciate a page that points to the various real time chat channels available : irc, slack ,whatother , maybe with a mention of which is the most active.

Iwould cast my personal preference on irc, as it can be accessed from headless machines with screen. But I guess this is an ‘old fart’ point of view :smiley:


Looks like #safenetwork is pretty quiet

https://clearchat.com/compare I heard these guys were making some noise with Clear Chat…, with End to end encrypption, user authentication etc… and are making big claims regarding security and privacy of data , fyi