Dirvine intervention

To explore this idea, just a little bit more.
With Tether for example they would need 8300 MAID to have their 83B+ marketcap in SAFEDBCs, but removing their decimals they would just need 83 MAID.

If you would make a purchase with these Tethers you wouldn’t have the exact amount in cents, but who argues about cents nowadays? Cents can be interpreted as a small tip, like 50 cents is going to make you get rich or die trying :stuck_out_tongue:

With a bitcoin if you want your full satoshi worth you would need 0.1 MAID, to create a bitcoin.

In a sense this would also be a feedback loop, for how many tokens are created and would directly feed into the fees. The SAFE supply would decrease, while the tokens supply would increase, a fun scale.

The reason why there are over 10K tokens on Ethereum, is because it’s cheap to create tokens, which only spams the environment with tokens that might never be useful. In this scheme, those tokens could be changed back and after a failed experiment still contribute to the SAFE universe instead of taking up useful space.

The pushback might be that this doesn’t scale, but that’s the purpose of subunits. One might argue, that projects would just wait untill they have subunits, but the computational value of those would be less than the first wave of dirvines that get onboarded. It almost becomes a numbers game, to get your hands on the first wave tokens, when the subunits are available.

Projects that don’t got SAFE, can still do a crowdsale in SAFE or ask for a crowdfunding if their SNapp is useful.

Is it worth it to pay 40K dirvine in txfees to send a 1 Tether, that’s valued at 1 dirvine? I really don’t know, but I it’s guess food for Todd. Maybe Todd can really have that food when he farms those 40K dirvine.

Currency use to be backed by gold, now it’s back by thrust, trust into the abyss.


Why would you use or want to use decimals to represent whole numbers example 83 billions, I don’t get it.

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Hi @tobbetj it’s kinda like this

The numbers do work funny, because you would need 31000 MAID to be “transformed” into the usd debt, while 1.9M MAID is needed for all bitcoins in circulation denominated in satoshi.


I forgot to say that this is a missing puzzle piece of what I was thinking about here.

Hopefully I can explain better now, because I’m extremely bad @ that.

If SAFE would serve as an internal exchange and asset to create an altDBC, you would have this.

In the example above to create 1 Tether you would need 1 nano to create the token. @ todays price you would need 6.6 MAID to give it, it’s price of $1.

With the 1 bitcoin example you would need 100M nano to create the token. @ todays price you would need 185428.5 MAID to give it, it’s price of 1BTC.

If SAFE has an exchange function built into it, at the creation of every altDBC they would have a nano value + market price.

With the 83B+ Tether example you would need 83 MAID to create the token. @ todays price you would need 549239667015 MAID (this means the price of MAID must go up, because there are not as many available) to give it, it’s price of 83B+ Tether.

I think numbers are just numbers, just because there is a decimal there doesn’t mean that 1 bitcoin can’t be represented as 100M Tether. This would almost be like going back to the gold standard and saying that you need a little gold nugget to create a currency. When you think about all the assets in the world, it maybe makes sense to add a little SAFE standard.

If SAFE the coin is both an exchange and asset to create altDBCs.
-You’ve eliminated debates about an exchange
-You’ve provided instant liquidity at token creation
-You have an underlying value incase a token fails
-The community directly experience a balance change when a token gets created. (if $1B comes online, they’ll need $1B in MAID to balance that)


If I was smart enough to understand all this I would get out to Ayr, do some programming, and we would all have the SAFE Network in less than a week! :joy::joy::joy:

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My superficial clueless observation is fun and all, but when you look at the Maidsafe code on Github, you really begin to appreciate the hard work the devs put into this.

What really gets me exited is that maybe one day tools like AlphaDev may be available/helpfull for Maidsafe. :laughing: